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    In an interview to be aired on the first day of the Bollywood Awards, actor and writer Nairns son, Anupam Kher, has said the actor and the writer are tough, but his son, Aamir, is not, which he has not denied.

    In the interview with The Times Of India, Aadmi, who has not been seen since the February 10 murder of his father and his son at a wedding party, has denied the charges that he was a coward and was involved in the murder.

    Anupam said: “I have not been asked to speak about my father.

    My father was not the murderer.

    My son was not involved in killing.

    My family is not involved.

    I have never been questioned by the police, I have not spoken about my parents.

    He [Anupams son] has not spoken to anyone about my dad.

    But, he is a difficult man and he is not a coward.

    If he had spoken to me, I would have told him to talk to his family and he would have done the same.

    So, I cannot deny what he has said.

    If there is any question, I will answer it.”

    Anupames mother Anupams father, Piyush Anupasudan, who was also a victim of the incident, also denied the allegation of cowardice.

    “Nairn was not a cowardly person.

    He was a tough and hard man.

    He did not take the law into his own hands.

    He has been a good son and a good father,” he said.”

    He has always been there for his son.

    He is not the kind of person who would kill his son.”

    Aadmi has denied having any connection with the murder, saying that the two had married and the father had left.

    “I had been in a marriage for some time, but my father left and I was still married to him.

    So I did not have a child with my mother.

    When I was about 15 years old, he told me that he wanted to get married.

    I said, ‘You have a son.

    Can you get married to me?’.

    He said, you can’t marry me.

    I was shocked, but he did not go ahead with it,” Anupamas mother said.

    She added that she did not feel any resentment towards her son for his actions and that she is happy with him.

    “My mother is happy.

    She is happy because she is proud of me.

    My brother is happy that he has never seen his father in trouble.

    I am happy that my father has never been killed by someone,” she said.

    Kher, who is in the process of writing a book on the history of Bollywood, has not said anything against his father, but did not rule out his involvement in the crime.

    Kair said he does not want to comment on Anup’s statements but he said he had not seen Anup say anything about his father.

    He added: “If there is anything that I have to say, it will be in a book.

    I did speak to my father a few times and I know that he is an honest person and a brave man.

    I will speak about what I have learnt from him.”

    The two actors had been together for a decade and Kair said that the actor did not like his mother.

    “She was a very close person to him, she did a lot for him.

    My mother always liked him and he was always kind to her.

    But we never had any problems.

    She was not his mother and he never tried to hurt her.

    She never said anything.

    But I know she did some things to her son, so I have spoken about that,” he added.


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