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    The Williams brothers are famous for turning out the best-performing construction equipment in the world.

    The brothers are also the world’s largest privately held construction company, with a turnover of nearly $2 billion annually. 

    But as the company gears up for its next phase of expansion, its workers will be faced with some big challenges. 

    For starters, the brothers are building the largest and most ambitious building project in its history, with the construction of a new 2.8 million-square-foot office complex, a $2.9 billion hotel and other buildings in downtown Orlando. 

    The company has set a goal of 1 million square feet of office space by 2021, which would take the total to nearly 2.4 million square yards of office buildings. 

    And while the company is aiming to have more than 1 million employees, many of those workers will only be working on the project for a few months. 

    “This is a tremendous amount of office building,” Williams said in a statement.

    “We have over 2.5 million square-feet of office on our books, which includes the first phase of this project.”

    The brothers plan to build a “world-class” hotel, including the largest hotel in the state, and create new offices to cater to all the growing businesses in the area. 

    In addition, Williams hopes to create the largest single-family residential development in the country.

    The new building will be the largest in the city of Orlando, which is already home to some of the largest offices in the US, and which also includes the Orlando Sentinel, the largest newspaper in the region.

    The company plans to build more than 4,000 homes and offices, with more than 6,000 apartments to be built on site.

    Williams hopes to open a hotel on the site in 2021, with plans to expand the project into new buildings by 2026.

    “This hotel will be a landmark in our town, and will bring thousands of jobs and a revitalized Orlando to our people,” Williams wrote in a letter to the community. 

    According to the company’s website, the project will employ nearly 4,500 people.

    The Williams brothers also hope to create jobs and revitalize Orlando by attracting top talent from across the country, especially after the recent hiring of a top talent recruiter, according to a statement from the company. 

    This isn’t the first time the company has been in talks with the city, however, as Williams also plans to bring thousands more employees to Orlando.

    “We have been working with the City of Orlando for years, building partnerships with many of the area’s leading employers,” Williams’ company said in its announcement.

    “As we enter this new phase, we are thrilled to partner with them to help them create jobs, and to help Orlando remain competitive and vibrant in the 21st century.”

    The construction of the hotel is expected to begin in 2021 and will cost the company nearly $1.7 billion.


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