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    If you’re an engineer, you might be wondering if your workplace’s blue lights are actually a good thing.

    It’s a hot topic, and it’s easy to overlook the benefits of blue lighting.

    But a new study from the University of Southern California finds that blue lights, whether they’re created by automation, LEDs or other types of lighting, can increase productivity by increasing energy efficiency and energy efficiency of work.

    “We’re using the best materials available to create a light source that can generate a lot of energy,” said senior author James O’Keefe, a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at USC.

    “And it can do it with minimal cost.”

    The findings of the new study were published in a recent issue of the journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry.

    It looked at the energy efficiency, efficiency, energy-saving, and energy-efficiency gains of various blue lighting materials and how they compare to traditional light sources.

    In the study, researchers measured the energy consumption and energy savings from different materials and lighting technologies in the same lab.

    The researchers compared the energy savings and energy consumption of the light source to a standard LED lightbulb.

    When compared to a traditional light bulb, the energy-efficient LED light bulb provided the most energy efficiency.

    “The efficiency gains were huge, and the light was so energy-saver it actually produced less energy than a traditional bulb,” O’Malley said.

    When the researchers looked at how different materials interacted, they found that blue lighting could reduce the energy use by 25 to 30 percent.

    In contrast, traditional lighting, which was more energy-intensive and required more energy to produce, produced up to a 50 percent increase in energy efficiency at the expense of energy efficiency when compared to blue light.

    O’Meara said that the results suggest that blue light, particularly LED lights, can be beneficial to some engineers because they can be less energy-consuming than traditional lighting.

    The findings could also be helpful to those looking to move toward green-lighting or reducing the use of energy.

    OEUC also found that energy efficiency can also increase productivity because the more energy a material has, the more productive it is, said O’Leary.

    “In the light of our research, we are excited about using our blue light to reduce the number of times our work is performed and to provide the opportunity for other researchers to have a productive workday,” OEOCA President Richard Littman said in a statement.

    In addition, the researchers said that blue is a good choice for building lighting because it’s more energy efficient than conventional lighting.


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