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    Construction workers on the new Trump Tower in New York are the first in the world to be allowed to take photos of the new facade.

    The new facade, which is scheduled to be completed in 2019, has the word “DUKE” stamped on the facade and is being built by a company called Davis Constructions.

    It will be the tallest building in the United States, at 757 feet (230 meters) and the tallest in the US, at 2,069 feet (89 meters).

    Davis Constructions has been working on the construction for months, but the news was first reported by Business Insider.

    Davis Constructors president, John S. Davis, told Business Insider that construction workers have already taken photos of their work on the building and he expects to have more photos by the end of this week.

    Davis told Business Insiders that the photos are intended to show the entire construction process and are not a public service.

    Davis said that construction crews are working through the winter to get the building ready for completion.

    Davis said that the first photos taken of the building will be on Friday, May 25, and will be shared on social media.

    Davis did not say when they will be posted, but he said the company has been in contact with construction crews to make sure they are in place to take the photos.

    Davis noted that they will not be the first construction workers to take pictures of the structure.

    He also noted that construction will begin in April, and that construction should be completed by the beginning of 2019.

    Davis added that construction has already been done for the existing Trump Tower and that the new structure will be much taller.

    The building is being designed by Italian architect Paolo Nava, who has worked on projects for both the British and Japanese governments.

    The building will include offices, residential and retail space, and a hotel and spa.

    Davis Constructors is the owner of Davis Construction, which specializes in residential construction.


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