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    What if you don’t want a house and you want to use a contractor to build it?

    That’s the dilemma faced by GINGEBREW, a Boston-based construction company that is seeking to make its new $3.3 billion “building” project.

    “We have been building houses and apartments for more than 30 years, and in the last 10 years we have also done several projects with our contractors,” GINGERBREAD construction company founder Shai Kondapalli told the Globe and Mail.

    “I do have a good relationship with our builders, and I think it is a good experience.

    But if you build something yourself, you have to make it sustainable.”

    The company’s new project, called “The Shining,” is being built with a total of 1,800 tons of cement, steel, glass and other materials.

    The site, a former industrial zone, has been set aside as a green space for GINGERNHOOD, a residential development with plans to construct a mixed-use project that will include a hotel, restaurants, retail and office space.

    “I think that the project is really a catalyst to help bring a new type of development to Boston,” Kondampalli told The Globe.

    “We are building a home for our employees and a residential project that is environmentally sustainable.”GINGERBRIDGE, which is also building a new building on the site, said it had a “very positive relationship with its builders,” and had the building company “a very positive attitude toward the project.”

    “We believe that the city of Boston is ready for a new urban fabric, and that this project will help us achieve our vision,” GIGERBRIDE’s chief executive officer, Joe Giambrone, told The Boston Globe.

    “The Shining” will be the first new construction project in Boston since the end of the Great Recession, and will be completed this summer.GINGEBREEVENTURES, which has been building residences and commercial buildings in Boston for nearly a decade, said its building process is “completely different from what we do on a regular basis” because it takes advantage of the new technology and technology-based building techniques.GIGERBURGER is also looking to build housing on the ground floor of a residential building, and is also developing a new residential project.

    The company plans to have a new home for its workers and a hotel for guests.

    “Our goal is to be able to offer this residential development as a way to give employees and guests a place to stay and enjoy their lives while working in our company,” GIRGERBURGER’s CEO, Matthew Mazzucchelli, told the Boston Globe last month.

    “When you work in an office building or a hotel building, you don.t get a lot of time to enjoy the community.

    You can’t have a party,” Mazzuchelli said.

    “You’re working, you’re not really in the city, and you have no time to go to a cocktail bar.

    We want to give our employees more of that time.”

    A total of 50 people will work at GIGGERBURGE and 50 people work at the GIGERS’ new building.

    The company has hired about 300 new workers, with some being hired in August and others arriving this month, according to the Boston Business Journal.


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