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    Puduceur, a city in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, has been undergoing a rapid change in the past few months.

    The area has been under development for nearly a decade now.

    In the early 2000s, the area was mostly built by the Tamil Nadu government.

    However, the government, which has been struggling with an unemployment crisis, decided to shift focus to the industrial sector.

    The plan was to build a road network in the region by 2020.

    Pudutras road was initially slated to stretch from the northern city of Tiruvallur to the town of Pudu in the state’s western foothills.

    However in October 2016, the roads department of Pudsu city was informed by the city authorities that the road had been constructed on a stretch of land that was no longer in use and that the contractor was not using it for the purpose for which it was meant.

    The contractors then decided to build on the same stretch of the road.

    This led to a protest by locals who demanded the road be constructed on the land.

    However the road project has finally been completed and the road is now being used for the public transport.

    Pudsukamalai, the village of Pudi, was the first place to protest and a meeting was held in Pudi on October 27.

    On November 8, a meeting of villagers was held at the site of the protest.

    The villagers demanded that the project be postponed for at least a year and that construction be halted until the land could be reclaimed.

    The residents also demanded that a survey be conducted by the Ministry of Road Transport to determine the road’s position.

    On December 4, the department of road transport had agreed to conduct a survey and report back to the villagers on its findings.

    Pudi is the fourth village to protest the construction of the Pudud road project and it is the first time that a road construction project has been stopped in the city.

    The city’s deputy mayor Pankaj Jeevanan said the road has been constructed without any prior planning.

    Jeevinan said that construction of a road on a vacant land is illegal.

    “The department of Road transport was informed that the contractors had not used the land for the purposes for which the road was meant,” he said.

    “But we have already asked them to conduct the survey.

    It was not the department that informed us that the land was no-use.

    It is the contractors that were told that the government is not interested in this project.”

    The officials from the department did not respond to requests for comment on the protest by the Times of India.


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