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    “The house” was built in a city called Haines, Colorado, in the 1960s by a man named John Hoar, who would be the first person to successfully build a nuclear-powered house.

    He called it his “house of love.”

    It’s a small-town tale.

    But the house was a symbol for the era when the US was a superpower, when the country was developing nuclear weapons, when a small town in Colorado could become the epicenter of a global war.

    And it is a tale of two cities.

    Today, Hainse is a sleepy town with a population of less than 400 people.

    Its main tourist attraction is a giant bronze sculpture that hangs in the town square.

    In the 1970s, Hoar and a friend made a deal to build a home for him in Hainess, a town that’s now known as the Hainese community.

    The plan was to build Hoar a house in the middle of a mountain range.

    And they got permission from the state to do that.

    Hoar built the house himself and was paid $2.4 million.

    The town’s main highway is named for him.

    Hoary’s son, Gary, is the mayor of Hainesse.

    He’s a self-described “homebody” who does odd jobs, like working on the roof of the county fairgrounds and making sandwiches in a car wash.

    But Gary says he doesn’t get to see his dad much anymore.

    “It’s just a memory.

    I can’t really see him,” he said.

    Gary Hoary is the man who built the Haine home, a small, one-story brick structure that sits on the outskirts of Hains, Colorado.

    It was a gift from a former tenant.

    He paid for it himself.

    It had a two-story house, but there was no garage or laundry facility, so Hoar’s wife made the most of the space.

    Hoaring didn’t want to live in a small house.

    But he didn’t like the idea of being alone, either.

    He wanted to be a part of the community.

    So he decided to put up a sign saying, “Welcome home, Hoaring.”

    “It was just the way he liked to live,” Gary Hoaring said.

    And that’s what the house became.

    He built a house that was basically like a mini-Marlboro.

    He used a tractor to haul heavy equipment and construction materials to the site.

    “We had a little trailer,” Gary said.

    He lived in the trailer with his wife and kids, working as a construction worker and doing other odd jobs.

    It became a home.

    The Hoar house was about 10 acres.

    Gary and his wife had a big ranch-style home with a pool.

    The rest of the house has a garden.

    And the house itself is still there.

    It’s still standing, Gary Hoarry said.

    The family is still very much part of Haina, Gary said, “but we’re just a little more distant.

    We don’t know what happens.”

    The Hoars have never been interviewed for this story.

    But Hoar told The Associated Press in an email that he’s happy with the project.

    The house has been on the market for about six years and Gary Hoar says he hasn’t had to worry about money.

    The couple said they bought the house as a gift.

    “I’m glad to have it.

    It seems a little ridiculous to me to keep doing this.

    I like it,” he wrote.

    Gary said his father is still proud of the home.

    “He’s proud of what he did, proud of it being built by people who didn’t have anything, and proud of all the people who did,” Gary told The AP.

    “But I do feel like it’s a little bit out of touch with the people.”

    He said the house is part of his heritage.

    “The place where we got our house was in Colorado,” Gary Haring said, describing the town of Haine.

    “You couldn’t drive past it.

    You couldn’t go to it.

    And there was only a small population there.”

    The town is a place that still holds special memories for Hoaring, Gary Hary said.

    It has been his home, he said, and he has lived there since he was a child.

    “For a long time, you could just walk up to it and look out the window and it was like the place to be,” Gary harry said, explaining the house’s significance.

    “And now, it’s just sort of a memory.”


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