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    Construction hard hats and construction gloves are being used in the construction of buildings in South Wales.

    The construction industry has become more common as people take up the trade to ensure that their homes are safe.

    The Blue Book is a safety manual for all construction workers.

    It sets out standards for the way workers can perform their jobs.

    It is also a guide for the industries health and safety and it is a guide to workers safety when they come in contact with the construction industry.

    But the blue book is not the only thing you need in the building industry.

    Construction workers have a number of different equipment that can be used to perform construction work.

    This is because most of the construction jobs require a good understanding of how the machinery works.

    The blue book also has some practical information about how to use and repair machinery and other equipment.

    This has been the case for years.

    Now, a new safety manual, called the Blue Work Guide, is being developed to help the industry improve its safety and the blue books work.

    It will be released in February.

    The guide covers some of the key safety concepts that are required in the industry.

    It also has information about ways in which workers can improve their safety and how to manage their workload.

    It has been developed in partnership with the Construction Industry Association (CIA).

    It is being launched alongside a number, including the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Construction Workers Union (CTU).

    The CIA has been working closely with the Blue Books project.

    It said it was working closely together with the project team to ensure the new safety guide was robust and complete.

    “This guide will help us provide the industry with the most up-to-date information on how to safely and efficiently construct buildings,” it said.

    The first edition of the blue work guide will be made available to the public on the CAA website on January 14.

    It was developed by industry consultants PwC and the CIA.


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