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    FourFourtwo: Why Queensland’s new railway investment scheme, known as the “golden ticket” for rail projects, is so bad for the state’s economy and its people.

    Key points:The scheme, which will see up to 1.2 million new railcars built in the state, was introduced last weekThe scheme has already cost the state $3 billionThe scheme was designed to boost Queensland’s economy by attracting more people to the region and boosting employmentThe scheme is being run by the state government and the NSW government.

    The scheme aims to provide jobs to more than half a million people, including up to 500,000 jobs in the tourism sector and 600,000 in the hospitality industry.

    The first $400 million of the $4.4 billion scheme will be allocated for infrastructure improvements and train and tram improvements in the Gold Coast region, but the scheme is set to cost the State Government an additional $3.9 billion.

    The state’s rail industry is facing a significant challenge in the current downturn in demand and supply, as the Queensland government’s investment in rail is expected to provide just a fraction of the jobs and growth expected in the rest of the state.

    Key Points:The new rail scheme was introduced to attract more people and boost Queenslands economyThe scheme will create 1.4 million new jobs in a number of sectorsThe scheme cost the Government $3bnThe scheme’s introduction has already caused significant disruptionThe State Government says the scheme will boost the Queensland economy by increasing employment, but a number on the ABC’s FourFour two program say the scheme’s promise of 1.1 million new railwaycars, and the $3BN it is projected to cost, are so far unrealistically high.

    “If you go into the details of the scheme, it is a gold ticket,” ABC’s Dr Jennifer Murphy said.

    The ABC’s analysis shows the scheme was originally introduced to boost the Gold, North, South and Central Queensland economies by providing more jobs to those in the industry, and boosting tourism and other industries.

    But the scheme has also caused significant disruptions for Queensland’s rail operators, which have been forced to cut staff and cut services.

    In fact, the Queensland Rail Link has not even started construction and the first trains have not even rolled off the line.

    Queensland Rail Link’s chief executive Andrew Dyson said the scheme would provide 1.5 million new train jobs and 1.8 million new tram jobs.

    But the number of jobs promised by the scheme in the early stages of the project has been far below the 1.25 million that were promised by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

    She told the ABC that the scheme had the potential to provide 1 million jobs and 4 million tram trips, but had been rushed.

    Ms Murphy also questioned whether the Government had the budget to pay for all of these promises.

    “We’ve had no indication that the state has the resources to pay that back,” she said.

    Ms Murphy’s colleague, Dr David Sacks, said the Queensland Labor Party had “been in this for 25 years”.

    “The Government has been so clear on the fact that they don’t want to spend money on the rail link, they want to build it up to the last dollar,” he said.

    “And the scheme that has been introduced to increase train capacity, the scheme which has already been so badly mismanaged, is a huge mistake.”

    “It’s not just a matter of this one scheme.

    The scheme that is being funded through the gold ticket scheme is also going to provide the Government a huge amount of cash, but it’s going to create jobs at the end of the day.”

    Labor’s transport spokeswoman, Michelle Roberts, said she did not think it was “fair” to put more money into a scheme that had “not been properly managed”.

    Ms Roberts said that while there were “a number of challenges” in building the scheme the Government would be able to meet its investment promises, “but it’s not fair to expect more from the Government than what it has already delivered”.

    She said the state was “well aware” of the financial challenges, and that it had been “proud to build” the project.

    “The Gold Coast is a vibrant, vibrant city, and as such it has the capacity to support these jobs and the infrastructure that will be built,” Ms Roberts said.

    Queenslanders for Rail said the Government needed to do more to improve the project, and said the plan was “an absolute disaster”.



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