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    By Kate StaufferPublished on Monday, May 02, 2019 11:23:37Construction is still in its infancy, but a couple of years ago, the BBC’s Kate Stauer visited a new construction site in the Scottish capital Edinburgh, where the first signs of construction were being felt.

    She went along with a construction worker, who gave her a tour of the site, showing her around the site.

    As Stauffers car passed the site the man was on the roof, pointing at the construction and saying that they were building a house.

    The man said it was going to cost about £1m, and that it would be completed within a year.

    A couple of months later, he said the house was due to be finished.

    A month after that, she was on another construction site, this time in the city centre, when a second man, who had been working on the site since the beginning, appeared on the scene.

    The first man was holding a large white sign with the words “Welcome to the Construction Job”.

    It was about a metre by a metre, with the two workers at each end pointing to each other.

    “They are standing next to each another and it looks like they are just making a point of it,” she told the BBC.

    Stauffer was impressed by the speed with which construction was being carried out, and how quickly it was getting under way.

    “It was just a really positive experience for me,” she said.

    “We were talking to construction workers all the time.

    It was very exciting.

    The people are really nice.

    They were happy to talk about what was going on.”‘

    People want to work for money’The building industry in Scotland has been booming in recent years.

    Construction has become a major employer, with many companies relying on migrant labour.

    The BBC found that almost half of the workers employed in the construction industry are migrant workers.

    “The boom in the UK construction industry is largely thanks to the influx of cheap labour from the EU, who are now making a significant contribution to the economy,” said Chris Wood, the chief executive of the Construction Association Scotland.

    The Construction Association has campaigned for a more inclusive workforce in the sector, which has a huge potential in the future.

    “There are plenty of workers who want to come to the UK and work in construction, but for those people the only way they can make that work is to get into the UK workforce,” he said.

    The government’s plans to introduce new minimum wage rules in 2018 has seen a spike in recruitment, with firms hiring more foreign workers.

    Construction unions are calling on the government to lift the restrictions.

    “Our members are very keen to be employed in this industry, and this is a very important industry for them,” said Paul Hogg, the general secretary of the Scottish Construction and Building Trades Union.

    “The government should make sure there is no barrier to people getting into this industry.

    They should just make it a free move for people from the UK to come and work here.”

    People are being recruited in the market to get jobs in construction and it’s not fair on those people who have been struggling to get the jobs they deserve.


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