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    Dublin’s RTE is “a disaster”, according to Minister for Communications Michael Creedon.

    The Irish Independent has revealed that the broadcaster’s contract is not worth the money and is “the most embarrassing, most incompetent, most dysfunctional contract I’ve seen in Ireland’s modern broadcasting history”.

    Mr Creedon was speaking at a media event in Dublin on Tuesday morning where he confirmed the “disastrous” contract is in place.

    He said that the contract is “not worth the contract it is on and I’m very sorry that it has taken this long for the parties to work through it”.

    “I think it is a catastrophe because it is not a cost effective way of doing journalism,” he said.

    He added that RTE “is going to lose €4 million in the next year or so”.

    Mr Michael Creedons contract with RTE was awarded to him in July last year.

    The deal with the broadcaster was “not a good contract” and has been described as “not sustainable” by Mr Creedon and his office.

    “The deal has been awarded to a new head of communications for RTE who is an inexperienced, inexperienced man, but they are going to pay him €4.2 million over the next five years, not €4million,” he told reporters.

    “It is absolutely a disaster.

    I am very sorry it has been so protracted.

    I think it’s a mistake.”‘

    I’m not happy’Mr Creedons decision has come at a particularly awkward time for the public broadcaster.

    The RTE website crashed and its social media accounts have been suspended for nearly two weeks.RTE has been in financial difficulties for more than a year, with the cost of the broadcaster being nearly €5 million a month.

    The company has had to spend almost €1.3 million in a bid to cover a shortfall of €4m.

    The broadcaster has had “a massive restructuring”, with its digital and video operation in meltdown, and has had the ability to broadcast on satellite for the first time in the past two years.

    Rte has also been forced to sell off the rights to its own local television station in the city of Dublin and is now owned by the state-owned TV2.

    Its parent company, Eircom, also owns the RTE channel RTÉ1.

    Irish Independent


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