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    1,095K people sign up for construction jobs at construction companies, the biggest in the world according to a new study.

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) published its annual survey of construction companies in March and April.

    The report says there were 1,089,000 workers on the payroll in the construction industry.

    That was a 4% increase on the previous year.

    That means construction jobs are up 9% in the last four years.

    It also means construction workers are paid $9,800 more than they were four years ago.

    This report is being released to mark the International Day of Solidarity with the Victims of War (IDWW), which celebrates the victims of war.

    The day is celebrated on July 12 and the government says there are now more than 2.2 million dead.

    It’s not just construction workers that are seeing a pay rise, but construction companies have also been hiring more workers.

    The WEF says there is also a growing number of job candidates in the private sector, with more than half of all the workers surveyed.

    The average salary for a new hire is $11.50 an hour.

    The average salary in construction is $9.60 an hour and for a veteran is $16.80 an hour, according to the WEF.

    The WEF also says that in 2015, about $2.6 billion was invested in the supply chain.

    That investment in supply chain has been growing at a steady pace since the beginning of the year.

    “We believe that these findings have the potential to significantly reduce costs and increase quality in the future, as a result of better technology and training of the construction workforce,” the WEFs report said.

    The study also found that there are still fewer jobs in construction than in previous years.

    More than half the jobs in the US are in construction.

    The most common occupation in construction for men is service occupations.

    The US is the biggest country in the World to have a war dead and it’s the largest economy to have one of its war dead, but there are some notable exceptions.

    The UN and Human Rights Watch released a report this month that said that construction is one of the least effective ways to protect and promote the environment.


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