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    By Emily LeachPublished September 11, 2018 09:10:54After many years of trying, I’ve finally come up with an easy way to build an oven for a backyard or outdoor potluck.

    I’ve been waiting for this one.

    When I first started researching clay-built ovens, I didn’t think I’d ever find a solution that worked for everyone.

    The problem was that my wife has always wanted to make ovens from clay.

    She has never tried any other ovens or made any ovens with clay, she said.

    I don’t want to spoil her fun by telling her what I’ve learned, but I wanted to share my story to get her excited about clay ovens and other fun, affordable options.

    I’ve been working with a local contractor to create the most versatile, lightweight oven I’ve seen in the last few years.

    It’s called the Clayco HomeRaster.

    The clay is cast on a large surface to create a solid base and then a layer of mortar and sand is poured into it.

    The finished product is a perfect match for the outdoor cooking areas of our small home.

    This oven is also the perfect size for my 2-person family of five.

    The clay oven can be made for $2,500.

    I’m not going to tell you how to build it, but it will look a little bit like the pictures.

    If you have the time, I recommend trying to assemble the entire thing.

    You’ll need to purchase the oven and set it up in the garage or in a shed.

    I found a place where I could get a bucket of sand to set it on the base of a pot, and I could build a base for the oven in that same spot.

    I also built a small bowl of sand with a lid for the clay to sit in, so that it wouldn’t stick to the pot.

    The first step is to get the clay from a local source.

    There are several clay suppliers in the area, and they usually have clay from around the world.

    When I went to the store to get my clay, I noticed that it had a very good price tag.

    I picked up some and spent $400 for one.

    I was impressed.

    If clay is going to be used for a clay oven, I think you have to be willing to pay a premium for it.

    For more info on clay oven projects, including the best ones to make at home, check out our article on DIY HomeRasters.

    You can also get a clay pot for free in the video below.

    To build a perfect clay oven you will need a clay base and a mortar and a sanding pad.

    The mortar will need to be strong enough to hold the clay in place and not slip or bend.

    You will need about 30 pounds of clay, about half of which will be a very fine layer.

    This will give you the ability to build the oven to your liking.

    It can be built in a garage or shed.

    The easiest way to buy clay is online.

    Most sites will list a price for a pound of clay for $1.50.

    I purchased mine from a website that lists a price of $2.50 for a small piece of clay.

    I used my computer and an online calculator to figure out the cost.

    For this oven, it took about 10 hours to assemble, and about 40 hours to cook the pot of clay that it came with.

    I had a big idea in mind when I started my project.

    My wife and I wanted an oven that we could cook in the yard and also in the living room.

    I wanted a home-cooked meal, and a clay stove was a perfect solution for this goal.

    It would be easy to store, heat and cook in a kitchen.

    My idea was to build something that could be built with materials that I could bring in my own backyard.

    I knew from my experience in building an oven, that a clay kitchen could easily be made by a family with one member.

    This clay oven was going to need to have a good base, too.

    We were planning to build three of these, one in the kitchen and three in the bedroom.

    My husband and I started looking at different recipes.

    We found one that worked well in our kitchen, but we liked the idea of building a clay cooktop in the basement.

    It was easy to build and would require a lot of mortar, but our daughter and son-in-law wanted to try it out.

    My and I also looked at making a clay dishwasher with a clay pan and pot in the oven.

    These were both great ideas.

    The two pots we built were very portable and we could easily move them around to take them to a different location.

    My daughter- in-law and son also asked me to help build their clay oven in their house.

    I had a lot more experience making ovens than I could have imagined.

    So we made clay pots in our garage for my husband to use in the evenings


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