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    With its grand, Victorian-style Georgian house and opulent gardens, the sprawling home of singer-songwriter Liam Gallagher in Brisbane has been likened to a London penthouse.

    However, the property boasts the largest home-based pool in the country, the biggest swimming pool in Australia, a $100 million oceanfront villa, and a $400,000 yacht. 

    When asked if the home is ideal for a new musician, the 26-year-old responded: ‘It is a nice home, you know.

    I’m not a big musician, but I would be happy living there and just relaxing.’ 

    The house, which was built in the mid-1970s by former construction worker James Farrar, has also been described as the world’s first luxury apartment for young professionals, after its owners bought the property from former developer Joe O’Neill, who was then the mayor of Brisbane. 

    “I don’t know what the average person does with their time, but you can spend a lot of money in a home,” Mr Farrac said.

    “I think that’s why people have such a good time, because you can really enjoy your time in the house.” 

    While the property’s interior is stunning, it is also a relatively small home for a professional musician.

    Gallagher’s current girlfriend, 19-yearold Kylie James, said the property has “absolutely nothing” to do with the band. 

    Ms James said Gallagher’s house was so grand it was “like a new penthouse” in the Brisbane suburb of Port Arthur, which is where the band’s headquarters are based. 

    ‘I have a beautiful house, I’m happy to share it’ Ms Gallagher said she wanted to open up the home to her family, but the couple would only allow them to use the house if they had to leave the house and leave the apartment, which she had to do every day.

    “We would be able to live on the property, we would just have to leave and leave,” she said. 

    Gallagher has already spent $30,000 renovating the property. 

    Mr Farrack said the former construction workers had taken on the house’s ownership from O’Nell, who is now deceased. 

    He said the owners had a “great sense of history” and had a keen interest in preserving the building’s architectural heritage.

    “It was the original O’Neil home, and they wanted to keep it,” he said.

    “The original O”Nell was a big building, and we thought it was just beautiful, so we had to go through all the renovations and take on the ownership.” 

    ‘The house is the largest house in the world’ The home was also home to O’Reilly’s legendary bar and restaurant, which became one of the most popular dining destinations in Australia. 

    It has been described by locals as a “semi-private” location, with a pool, spa and fitness centre. 

    The property’s owner, O’Farrells son Tom, is also the father of singer and songwriter Skylar O’Donnell. 

    Although Gallagher has been in the music business for almost four decades, he still plays to a live crowd in the home’s pool, where his band members are known to go on stage and perform their music. 

    James Gallagher said the band were thrilled about the property and were hoping to keep the property as a home for their future tour.

    “I love the house.

    I think it’s a really nice home.

    It’s a nice place to stay, it’s comfortable,” she told ABC Radio Brisbane.”

    And I’m very happy with the house, and it’s just a really lovely place to live.” 

    The former construction workman said he was “not the most adventurous person”, but he wanted to maintain a home that could be used for family.


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