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    AUSTRALIA’S construction industry has been booming this year with more than 3,500 construction jobs created, according to the Construction Industry Association of Australia.

    Auckland Mayor Andy Little said construction was “one of the key drivers” in the city’s development.

    “We are seeing more construction activity in Auckland than we’ve ever seen in the last decade,” Mr Little said.

    “Auckland has been looking to the future for its construction jobs.”

    But for some reason we haven’t been seeing as many construction jobs as we should have.

    “The City Centre, the heart of the CBD, is expected to have about 15,000 construction jobs in 2017, with many of them at the iconic Flatiron building.

    The number of construction jobs added was the highest in more than a decade, with 1,200 more being added in Auckland this year than in 2016.

    But that was largely due to the recent increase in demand for construction services, which helped boost construction activity and contributed to the growth in the number of jobs.

    A construction boom in Perth has contributed to higher construction prices and has also led to more property owners looking to make use of the city centre for retail and entertainment.”

    The boom in construction activity has been very strong and has contributed greatly to the housing market in Perth,” Mr Low said.

    Mr Little said the boom had also helped boost residential property values.”

    With the construction boom, the price of housing in Perth is much higher than it was a year ago,” he said.

    However, he warned that the construction industry was still recovering from the downturn, with some workers returning to the job market.”

    Construction is a very resilient industry.

    The construction industry is going to need to do a lot more to get back to its pre-crisis level,” he added.

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