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    A new army building has been constructed in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah in the middle of a battle for control of the West Bank.

    The construction of the new military academy, which includes classrooms, a library and a training hall, took place last month in Ramallah.

    It was inaugurated by Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah in February.

    Since then, the army has repeatedly launched military operations against the Palestinians in the West, including the Gaza Strip, in an effort to secure a buffer zone along the frontier with Israel.

    Ramallah’s military academy was constructed during the war with Hamas, which has control over the territory.

    The academy, built by the Israeli-led Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), is located in the northern West Bank town of Beit Ummar, near the Palestinian town of Hebron.

    The academy’s first stage is a training facility for soldiers who will soon begin their military training in the army, the Israeli military said in a statement on its website.

    The second stage of the academy, where students will study weapons, ammunition, vehicles and infantry tactics, will begin in March, the statement added.

    The army’s academy is located next to a military academy and an army outpost that Israel captured in June.

    In December, the PA announced that it had handed over the land where the academy is currently located to the Israeli authorities for the construction of a new military base, which will include classrooms, libraries and training halls.

    The PA and the Israelis have been in talks about building a new academy for decades, but the two sides haven’t reached an agreement on building the new facility in Ramleh.

    In November, the Palestinian-led unity government of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signed a reconciliation agreement, which allows the Palestinian Authority to acquire land from Israel for the new academy.

    The PA had previously requested permission from the Israeli government to purchase the land from the PA.

    The UN Security Council has expressed concerns about the construction, with a draft resolution urging Israel to halt the construction.

    The Israeli military has not commented on the academy’s construction.

    Ramleh is located just north of Hebra, the birthplace of the Jewish people.

    It is an ethnically and religiously diverse area that includes Arab, Christian, Druze and Muslim populations.

    According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian territories has caused a severe deterioration in the quality of life for Palestinians.

    More than a quarter of the population lives under military rule, and more than half the Palestinians live under severe restrictions on their right to freedom of movement.

    The UN High Commissioner for Human and Civil Rights has repeatedly called on Israel to end its occupation and allow full rights for Palestinians in all areas, including education, health care and access to basic services.


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