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    The construction industry employs more than 200,000 workers, but most of them are paid below the federal minimum wage, which is $7.25 per hour.

    This article takes a look at the different types of construction work.1.

    Construction laborersA typical construction worker earns about $8.40 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    This means a person who is employed for eight hours a day, seven days a week is making about $20,000 per year.2.

    Construction supervisorsThe construction industry requires a supervisor to ensure the safety of the work site.

    They also have to be trained to operate machinery, supervise equipment and oversee workers.

    Some of the most common jobs require them to supervise multiple workers at once.3.

    Construction work sitesWork sites in the construction industry are generally smaller than construction sites in other industries.

    Many construction sites are not far from a highway, which makes it a great place for people to commute to work.

    But they must be close to each other to work effectively.4.

    ContractorsThe construction work industry typically requires workers to have some experience in the industry.

    Many workers are paid to do construction work for other companies.

    Construction contractors typically have to perform the work for them, which means they are often not able to afford to live independently.5.

    Transportation workersMost transportation workers earn $8 to $10 an hour.

    The transportation industry is mostly a service industry.

    Most truck drivers are drivers for companies that lease trucks and buses.

    The cost of operating these vehicles, as well as insurance, is usually included in their wages.6.

    PlumbersMany plumbers are paid a salary ranging from $8 an hour to $17 an hour depending on the type of work.

    Some plumbers have other jobs that require them.7.

    ElectriciansElectricians can earn up to $16 an hour in the electric utility industry.

    They often work on substations, transformers and transformers, which can be difficult to navigate when working on complex projects.8.

    Mechanical engineersMany mechanical engineers make $15 an hour as part of their training.

    They have to work closely with the designers of each building.

    This is one of the skills that a construction worker needs to have to stay competitive in the field.9.

    Electrician, electrician assistant and electrical service techniciansThe electrician, electrical service technician and electrician assistants all need to be certified to operate a large number of devices and perform electrical work.

    This includes things like refrigerators, washing machines, gas-fired hot water heaters, hot water dispensers and electric fan controls.10.

    Fire fightersThere are two types of fire fighters in the fire department.

    There are firefighters that are assigned to help extinguish fires, and there are firefighters who are trained in self-defense and are trained to respond to emergencies.

    Most firefighters also have a security detail to protect them from possible attacks.11.

    Mechanical machinistsThe manufacturing and welding industries employ many machinist-level employees.

    They are responsible for machining, casting and welding parts.

    Mechanical mechanics also work on a range of other machinery, such as electrical wiring and mechanical controls.12.

    Machinists in the aerospace industryWorkers in the military, aerospace, and defense industries make a range, from $11 to $20 an hour according to Bureau of Economic Analysis.

    This average wage includes a portion of the employee’s base salary.13.

    Transportation mechanics and truck driversIn the transportation industry, the average driver makes $13 to $18 an hour and the average employee makes about $17 per hour, depending on their position.14.

    Firefighter, firefighter assistant and firefighter service techniciansThis occupation is primarily a medical or fire-related occupation.

    They typically have the responsibility of dealing with emergencies and helping respond to other calls.15.

    Mechanical operatorsThe electricians, electricians and mechanical operators are all part of the same team, and work in the same buildings.

    They all have to wear protective equipment, which may include masks, protective gloves, masks with respirators and breathing apparatus.16.

    Mechanical contractorsMany contractors make a living in the engineering and construction industry.

    Their jobs typically involve installing, operating and repairing machinery and systems.

    Some contractors also have the jobs of roofers and structural engineers.17.

    Firefighters, firefighters assistant and fire service techniciansMost fire fighters, firefighters assistants and firefighters service technicians are required to wear respirators.18.

    Mechanical technicians, mechanics and mechanical engineersThis occupation requires a lot of skills, including mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, computer scientists, electrical mechanics, welding engineers and structural mechanics.19.

    Medical and dental assistantsThe health care profession requires a number of different types and types of doctors and other health care professionals to work in order to provide the care that is needed.

    They may also be involved in the work of caring for patients and caring for their health and safety.20.

    Medical technicians, medical professionals and medical assistantsThis occupation includes a wide range of skills


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