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    Construction is one of the fastest growing occupations in Ireland, and is increasingly being recognised as a valuable job for young people and graduates.

    The cost of living in the country is rising rapidly and with the construction sector set to grow at around 1.5pc this year, many young people are finding it increasingly difficult to find work.

    This article uses the construction simulator for the purposes of this article and provides a breakdown of the average weekly wages of construction workers.

    Construction Simulator 3 is a free download for Mac users and Windows users.

    Construction simulator 3 is the most up-to-date construction simulator available, with all new construction jobs being created every week.

    If you would like to read more about construction, please visit the Construction Industry Ireland website at Construction Jobs in Ireland Construction Jobs in the Irish Construction Industry is the largest organisation working for the construction industry in Ireland.

    This website provides a range of job descriptions, salaries, vacancies and career paths.

    You can also search for a specific job by clicking on the job title.

    The Construction Industry website provides information on job postings, recruitment opportunities, employment services and information on building regulations.

    You may also contact the company directly if you have any queries.

    The information provided in this website is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is intended as a service to prospective and current construction workers in Ireland and the UK.

    Construction Jobs and Pay The average weekly salary for construction workers is €1,600, which includes a base salary of €2,200 plus benefits and allowances.

    The main job in Ireland is a construction job, with the majority of jobs being in construction-related fields.

    Construction jobs can be full time, part time or temporary, and can take place in various locations, from the capital city of Dublin to remote towns and villages.

    Construction can involve a variety of tasks, ranging from the basic construction of a house to more complex projects such as new buildings, roads, railways, power stations, water and sewerage systems and homes.

    It also includes many other related roles including maintenance, transport, warehousing, utilities and other related work.

    The average hourly pay for construction jobs is €9.80, which excludes allowances and salary deductions.

    How to Apply If you are interested in becoming a construction intern, you will need to complete the application form, which will be sent to the company’s recruitment centre in Dublin.

    This form must be completed within seven days of receiving the email confirmation that you have received.

    You will also need to apply to a construction apprenticeship scheme for the same position.

    This is a flexible course and allows the company to assess your qualifications and skills and can involve the company paying you on a per-project basis.

    You should also check the company website to ensure you are eligible.

    The company is committed to maintaining its position as a provider of quality work for the industry.


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