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    The roofing industry has grown from a niche niche in the 1980s to a billion-dollar industry in the last 20 years, and one in which many contractors work from home.

    But that growth hasn’t been evenly shared.

    Construction workers in the United States make about $11,000 more per year than their counterparts in the developing world.

    And a recent study of contractors in the U.K. found that more than half of them work from their homes.

    Now, a new wave of automation is changing the way construction is done in the country, as well as around the world.

    The trend has come about because of a new class of building systems called “roofs,” which are built to withstand storms and earthquakes, and have an array of features that can reduce maintenance and costs.

    Most are designed to house structures that are not yet big enough to support the weight of the building.

    But there are also roofing systems designed to protect homes, or even homes on wheels.

    For some contractors, such roofs offer an easy solution to keeping costs down.

    They can be built in a relatively short time, and are often cheap.

    In this case, the cost savings are not in the tens of thousands of dollars, but in the thousands of pounds, or $5,000 or less, depending on the size and the design of the roof.

    Roofs that can withstand earthquakes, for example, can cost $250,000, said Michael Kranz, a landscape architecture specialist at Kranzel Architects, who was involved in designing the New Jersey-based firm’s $6 million project.

    The roof itself is about the size of a football field.

    The contractor takes an exterior photo of the structure and cuts it down to a height of about 20 feet (6 meters).

    Then, he or she attaches it to a steel frame that holds a large steel frame for support.

    A contractor can easily build a large structure in less than two weeks, Kranzy said.

    The structure is secured to the frame using the same bolts that are used to secure the house to the foundation.

    The steel frame can be reinforced with a waterproofing material and built to the same standards as the house.

    A roof that can be raised in a storm or even by a strong earthquake could save a builder up to $5 million a year, Kramz said.

    “When the earthquake happens, it is going to break windows and roofs, and the roof can go up to about 60 feet [24 meters],” he said.

    That kind of roofing system is called a “roofer,” which is the term for a roof that extends upward from the exterior wall and is anchored to the building or to the concrete foundation.

    “The term for the roof that is actually attached to the exterior is a “wedge,” or a “tower,” because it is a tower that extends up and goes around the edge of the house,” said Kranzi, who is based in Brooklyn.

    A typical roofer is about 5 feet (1 meter) in height and about 14 feet (4 meters) wide.

    Its main strength is its ability to hold the roof structure in place and to move in a hurricane or earthquake.

    A wiper is about 2 feet (0.5 meters) high and 3 feet (9 meters) long.

    The construction of these structures is usually done in a single day, said Kramzy.

    Construction crews can then move the building in and out of the ground and out the roof without any maintenance.

    In some cases, construction crews will build the roof to fit a particular location on the roof and then put it back into place after it has been used.

    In another case, a roof can be completely rebuilt and repainted to match the new roof.

    “You have to be very careful with the building,” Kranzo said.

    If a building has been built and its roof is damaged in a disaster, it could be torn down and replaced with a new roof in a few weeks.

    But a roofer’s main job is to remove the existing roof.

    It is also important to get a roof in place, but not too soon.

    “If it is done too soon, it will be too fragile,” said Michael R. Ochoa, a materials engineer with Kranzer Architects.

    When a roof is installed, a structural engineer and roofer then test the roof by running the structure over a test platform, which has a hole drilled into the roof with a drill bit, said Ochoas.

    Then, the engineer and the contractor set the test platform on fire and wait until the roof burns.

    When the roof is hot enough, the engineers and the builder start removing the roof material.

    “We are removing the material that was in the structure,” Ochoos said.

    They then start applying a water-based paint or sealant to the inside of the existing structure.

    The sealant helps protect the roof from


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