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    Posted September 15, 2020 18:24:38New Zealand has a growing number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

    With its unique geographic location and growing population, the country has become an attractive destination for new businesses to set up operations.

    In September, New Zealand’s cryptocurrency industry emerged as the country’s biggest industry, and it has gained attention for its innovative blockchain technology.

    While many of the new startups are focused on developing new types of digital currency, New Zealander Peter Smith has developed a number of innovative ideas to make cryptocurrency a viable option for his businesses.

    For example, Smith has created a cryptocurrency that he is calling the ‘PrestigeCoin’ for the ‘prestige’ it is given by the community.

    Prestigemcoin is currently trading at a premium on New Zealand exchange CoinMarketCap, with a current value of US$3,065.

    Smith has already received interest from a number, including a number from the US government, and he expects to soon attract more interest from the private sector.

    According to Smith, the main challenge for the Prestigem coin is to stay ahead of the curve in the crypto world.

    The company is already in its early stages of development, but its founders have already secured a contract to supply the cryptocurrency with a minimum of $1 million.

    Smith, who is the managing director of New Zealand based company Prestigems Business Solutions, said that the team has been working on the PrestigeCoin for several months, but he had not yet received any government funding.

    “There’s been no indication of any government involvement so far.

    So I don’t think anyone’s actually taken an interest in it yet,” he said.

    The Prestigeman, he said, had received a number or offers of funding from the Federal Government.

    “We’re not really looking to raise money from anyone, but we’re also not looking to start up our own business,” he added.

    “The main challenge of the Prestigen coin is it’s too new to be a serious competitor to Ethereum and other coins that have been around for a while.”

    That said, we’re definitely in the market for something that’s more competitive, and hopefully people will take notice of our offering.

    “People have been looking for something to do with cryptocurrency since 2014 and there are still a lot of things to learn and do with cryptocurrencies.”

    He added that the company had received over $1,000,000 in funding from investors in the past year.

    Smith said that he was currently in talks with a number private investors to secure additional funding, but that he believed that his Prestigemonics business was now more than ready to offer customers a more viable alternative.

    “Our business model is based around a number and it’s not based on the use case of cryptocurrency.

    We’re a platform, not a currency,” he explained.”

    I think we’re already on the way to building a really robust platform.

    We’ve got over $2 million in business in less than a year.”

    Smith said he had been in contact with a handful of potential investors, but was yet to receive any official investment offers.

    He added that he had also been approached by other investors, and that he would be seeking to acquire more funding as time went on.

    The first Prestigemin coins will be available in August.

    Smith has already raised over $250,000 to date from investors, with the majority of his funds coming from a few large investors.

    Smith’s company has raised about US$800,000 through crowdsales, with most of that funding coming from US$600,000 raised through a crowdsale in March.


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