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    Several states require companies to get a certification that shows they have the right knowledge and skills to do the work they’re doing.

    But a number of states don’t require the certification.

    Here’s what you need to know about those states.


    Alaska: There’s a $50 fee to obtain the certification and pay the fee to have the certificate in the state’s database.

    The Alaska Department of Transportation website says the certificate can be used for a variety of purposes, including “reconstruction, rehabilitation, repair and maintenance of bridges, tunnels, roads, railroads, waterways, and other public utilities, as well as the transportation of hazardous materials.”


    Delaware: The state’s Department of Environmental Protection requires a $30 fee to apply for the certificate.

    The state website says it is used to assess the safety of construction and other projects.


    Idaho: The Idaho Department of Natural Resources requires a certification for construction projects.

    The website says “a project must have a minimum of 1,500 feet of continuous work or be constructed from a single block of contiguous land.”


    Louisiana: The Louisiana Department of Public Safety requires a construction certificate if a project requires a new construction site.


    Massachusetts: The Massachusetts Department of Labor requires a certificate if construction is the only work that will occur on a public or private property.


    New Jersey: The New Jersey Department of Revenue requires a project certificate if the project requires at least 10 percent of the work to be done in a single location.


    New Mexico: The NM Department of Safety requires an inspection certificate for any project involving an “interactive use facility,” which can include a large public building or public playground.


    New York: The State Department of Health requires a health certificate if any work is needed to protect health, safety or property.


    North Carolina: The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources require a certification to inspect any structure, facility or structure or material that is not required to be inspected or required to comply with environmental regulations.


    Ohio: The Ohio Department of Commerce requires a certifying agent to inspect a building or structure for safety and environmental issues.


    Oregon: The Oregon Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires a “hazardous materials management plan” to be prepared.


    Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania Department of Administrative Services requires a hazardous materials management certificate to inspect or report on a “project requiring the installation of a temporary or permanent barrier to ensure safety, the health or safety of employees, the public or the environment.”


    Rhode Island: The Rhode Island Department of Planning and Development requires a permit for any construction that requires at all sites a minimum number of work hours.


    South Carolina: South Carolina Department to review any proposed or completed construction project that requires the installation or operation of a barrier.


    Tennessee: The Tennessee Department of Human Resources requires the state to inspect all construction projects in the State of Tennessee and the use of the facilities that are being constructed.


    Texas: The Texas Department of State Health Services requires that a certificate be issued to any person who plans to install a barrier at any site in the future.


    Utah: The Utah Department of Parks and Recreation requires a Certificate of Occupancy to inspect and report on any temporary structures and structures that are used to hold water.


    Virginia: The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles requires a vehicle registration to inspect structures that hold water and to report the presence of hazardous chemicals in the water.


    Washington: The Washington State Department the Construction Certification Program (CCP) requires a fee of $75 for any person to obtain a construction certification.


    West Virginia: West Virginia’s Department to require a construction permit to inspect construction projects that require at least 5,000 square feet of work.


    Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Department of Finance requires a certified inspector to report any violations of the building code to the state auditor.


    Wyoming: The Wyoming Department of Energy requires a work permit for every construction project.


    21 states require certifications of contractors to be licensed for work in their state, but the states do not require the certifications to be in writing.

    For more information on these states, visit our article.


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