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    Construction workers in the United States have a very specific way of naming their company: construction crane.

    The crane is the cornerstone of the job, and while it’s not always easy to tell who is building the job—it’s almost always a crane company—it is a fairly common practice.

    It’s also common for the workers to use the name of the crane company as a title.

    The workers are also often paid fairly well.

    “The construction industry has a reputation for being tough, and this is the reason why,” says Eric K. Lippman, the president of the Association of American Railroads.

    He estimates that for each crane-related death in the U.S., there are about 20 deaths in construction, a relatively small number when you consider that there are more than 5,000 crane-company fatalities in the entire country.

    Lipsman says that it’s also a good idea to avoid using a name that might suggest disrespect to the crane operator.

    “If a person who is on the construction site has a name like ‘The Crane Company’ or ‘The Construction Worker’s Association,’ they are not going to want to come forward to their employer,” he says.

    It could also be a way to get ahead of a problem.

    Construction crane operators often use construction company names for a variety of reasons.

    “We often refer to the workers as the ‘company’ because it gives them a little bit of a sense of pride, of accomplishment, and they are the ones that actually carry the load,” says Gary S. Gannon, a spokesman for the American Construction and Materials Association.

    “It gives them an opportunity to say, ‘This is our company.'”

    The crane company names are usually given in an effort to “create a positive environment” where workers feel safe and have a sense that they can do their jobs safely, according to the American Association of Fire Fighters.

    Construction companies also use the names to “recognize that people have different backgrounds and needs and that they have to do things in a different way,” Lipsmen says.

    “They are the kind of companies that you want to see and work for.”

    There are exceptions, though.

    In many construction projects, a construction crane operator might have to make a decision on a project’s name because the company hasn’t made its decision yet.

    In these cases, a crane operator may have to consider the name before the project is completed, depending on the project’s design and budget.

    If the name is chosen by the construction company and the project has been approved, the crane operators name is sometimes used as the title of the project.

    “When the project goes through, the name comes out on the crane,” Lippmen says, “and you’re going to have to work with that.”

    Construction workers have a way of identifying themselves in the construction industry, but it’s still difficult to figure out who’s actually doing the work.

    In the past, construction workers had to use common sense.

    If someone who was on the job was calling their name the wrong way, they would probably get the wrong idea.

    “You can’t just go around saying, ‘Oh, it’s the crane,'” Lippmans says.

    If you can, then the name could come from a crane-owner or construction contractor.

    “A crane owner will use the company name for their work, and a crane contractor will use their name for construction work,” he adds.

    “That way, you’re saying to your employer, ‘I’m doing this work, I’m responsible for this, I know this is what I’m doing, and I’m in charge of this project.'”

    Lipsmans says that the more common name for a crane is “contractor” because it allows construction workers to easily identify who is actually working on the task.

    But if the contractor or crane operator’s name doesn’t match with the name that the crane worker has chosen, then it’s often difficult to tell.

    “Your employer has a very narrow scope of what they can call themselves,” he explains.

    “So the name can be very specific.”

    Construction companies often use the crane-name when they need to communicate with workers about the project or to help with the project process.

    For example, a company might name a project after a person they’ve met.

    The person who works on the work might be the one who calls the crane and says, You have to sign this contract.

    That would make sense to an individual construction worker, but when the company is looking to hire an individual, then that individual might be reluctant to use a crane name that’s associated with a company that doesn’t own the crane.

    In this case, it may be a good choice to use “building contractor” as the name for the project, which could mean that the company has an ownership stake in the work that’s being done.

    “Sometimes a crane project is actually called by a crane,” says Kip M. Rochford, the executive director of the International Association of Crane Companies


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