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    Construction zones, a key element of the federal government’s ambitious New Builds plan, have opened on the western outskirts of Calgary for construction.

    A spokeswoman for Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said construction is going ahead, with the area bounded by the Calgary International Airport and the Calgary Tower.

    The zone includes:The zone’s name will be announced in a month or two.

    The Calgary Herald says it will be “an important first step toward establishing a formal, formal zoning process.”

    Calgary Mayor Naresh Nensi says construction is planned on the west edge of Calgary.

    The city’s website says the zone is expected to open by April.

    (CBC)Construction zone signs are scheduled to be erected on the outskirts of the city and will be up to a year before they are placed in place, Nenski said in a statement.

    “The City of Calgary and the city of Calgary’s public works staff are currently working with construction partners to plan the construction of this first phase,” he said.

    The city’s site manager, Chris Stedman, said the first phase of the zone will be for new buildings and a temporary fence.

    He said the city will have to negotiate with the private developers to allow construction to begin.

    “We’re working with them right now to see what they want to do, and we’ll see what happens from there,” Stedmen said.

    Nenshi has said the zone would be used for temporary housing for the homeless, and the zone’s construction date has not yet been announced.

    Stedman said the Calgary development agency would have to approve the construction site before it can proceed.

    The City of Edmonton, which is also developing the zone, said it expects the first phases to be up and running by early March.

    The zone’s first phase will be used as an interim step to provide housing to people who are already living in the area, Nesi said.

    Construction on the zone started in December, when construction crews laid down a temporary bridge to allow people to enter the zone.

    The first phase has a temporary barrier for traffic.

    The second phase is expected in early March, with construction to be completed by May.

    Calgarians were concerned about construction at the west end of the downtown Calgary area.

    In June, the city issued an emergency order to close the zone after residents complained about noise, and construction of the area around the Gateway Arch became controversial.

    In July, the province ordered the city to open up the zone to public transit during construction.

    Nensu said in his statement that he will seek assurances from the city that its transit plans will meet the province’s new transit plan.


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