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    The Trump administration has signed a $1.6 billion contract to construct the first phase of a $300 billion infrastructure project that would connect parts of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Sacramento.

    The project would be the largest infrastructure project of its kind in the nation.

    The contract calls for $5 billion in construction costs over 15 years and an estimated $1 trillion over 100 years.

    Construction will begin in 2018.

    The first phase would include the construction of two toll lanes on Interstate 580 and a tunnel under Interstate 280.

    A new interchange with the Interstate 5 freeway would be built to link the project with the existing highway and to the proposed Bay Area Rapid Transit line.

    The new tunnel, which is projected to be a half-mile wide, would run parallel to the existing freeway, allowing drivers to bypass the congested traffic on Interstate 5 and the city of Sacramento.

    California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) signed the bill into law on Tuesday and signed a memorandum of understanding with the Trump Administration on Wednesday that will provide $1 billion in federal funds for the project.

    It will cost about $200 million to build, according to a press release.

    Trump has repeatedly promised to build infrastructure projects across the country.

    In October, he signed an order for $1 million per project to be awarded to private companies that would design and build a new bridge or tunnel connecting the California coast to the Pacific Ocean.

    That project will cost $7.5 billion.

    He said he will pay for the bridge or tunnels by eliminating federal tax breaks that have helped build and maintain highways and bridges across the nation for more than 50 years.

    On Tuesday, he gave a speech at the White House announcing the first $1bn construction contract for the Bay Area.

    The president also signed a bill that funds $500 million for the construction and operation of a new toll plaza on Interstate 405 in San Francisco.

    A similar plaza was built in Oakland in January, which has been a magnet for illegal construction of bridges.

    Trump’s $1 Billion Infrastructure Contract Trump signed a massive $1-billion infrastructure contract with the federal government in late October.

    The construction contract calls on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to design and construct a $2 billion bridge over I-280.

    The bridge would connect the northern portion of San Mateo County to the northern part of the Bay.

    It would be located in a location that’s close to the border of Oakland and San Francisco and is also close to where a pipeline is currently being built to San Francisco Bay.

    Construction would begin in 2021.

    Trump signed the contract to replace a $50 billion aging bridge over the Sacramento River.

    The Trump Administration’s plan to replace the aging bridge was announced in May.

    It’s estimated to cost $1 to $2 trillion.

    The cost is expected to fall under $1 for each year of construction.

    The state and federal governments have been spending billions of dollars to replace aging bridges across California, especially in the San Francisco-Oakland area.

    The U.P.S., the nation’s largest bridge engineering firm, estimates the cost to replace one of its bridges is $1,500 per bridge.

    The costs to repair bridges are not shared by the state or federal governments.

    San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee (D), who led a rally against the $1billion bridge project on Monday, told reporters the deal was the largest in the country, and that Trump had promised to help rebuild the region.


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