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    In the first installment of a two-part series, Wired looks at the Bulfour Beatys’ construction project managers and their use of tools to make the job easier. 

    It is the third installment of the “Build Your Own Calculator” series, which examines how to build your own home.

    The first installment explored the construction of the original Balfours’ home in Liverpool, England, in 1871.

    The second installment explores how the Bowntons built their own homes in 1876 and 1881, and how their new home was constructed in 1862. 

    The Balfords’ home was not completed until a new home built in the same year was completed in Manchester. 

    (Photo: The Balfors via Wikipedia Commons)In 1871, a house on the property had been torn down, so the builders decided to build a new house instead.

    They built a new “building” in Liverpool and, in a short time, built a home that could be rented out to any family that wanted to come to live there. 

    But when the new house was ready to be rented, it was torn down. 

    “I never expected that this would happen,” one of the builders, James Hutton, told the BBC in the series. 

    When Hutton asked why, he was told it was because a storm was coming. 

    So, instead of moving, the builders built another house on another lot, and moved it a few years later. 

    That house, the Broughton House, was built on the site of a former dairy farm in the town of Litchfield, just outside Manchester.

    The Broughtons’ property in Litchford, England.

    (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)The site of the new Litchfords house in Liverpool. 

    On this site, the original site of this new house, a new dairy farm, is still visible.

    (The farm was closed for more than a century when it was demolished in 1869.)

    In the second episode of the series, we take a look at the construction plans for a new Manchester house, built on an old dairy farm. 

    We first look at plans for the new home, which were written by a contractor who had been working on the farm for the Boughtons. 

    Then we look at some of the tools and tools that the builders used to make their job easier, like hammers and sledgehammers. 

    One of the most interesting tools was a “building compass,” a small compass that was used to determine which direction to drive on the building site.

    (Photo from The Broughts via Wikipedia commons)This compass was used by the builders to determine how far to drive when driving down the site, and to determine the direction of the wind to wind up the house.

    (This compass also helped to determine where to build the stairs to the roof of the house.) 

    The house in Manchester was also constructed using the same compass, as well as the same sledgehammer, sledge and sander tools. 

    Finally, we look back at a couple of the plans for other new homes that were built in Liverpool over the next decade. 

    In 1879, the house in Lothian was built in a similar manner. 

    At the time, the new town was growing, and the residents of Lothians were trying to build their own houses.

    (They were doing so in part because of the shortage of houses in Liverpool at the time.) 

    In the series we’ll examine how the construction methods and tools of the Balthouses have evolved in the years since, and what new innovations they’ve brought. 

    Read more at Wired:  “Tinkering Constructors”: The Balthours Build their Own Home for Less than $1,000? 

    The building of the home was “a pretty good business for them,” said one of their construction assistants, who wished to remain anonymous. 

    After all, the farm had been closed for years and the new family was trying to get by. 

    And, he said, the construction was so fast and smooth that the family had no trouble getting their house built in just a couple days.

    “The people of Liverpool were very, very happy about it,” he told the ABC in the first episode of this series.

    “I remember, one of our workers, the gentleman who was responsible for that whole project, said it was the fastest construction project he had ever seen.” 

    The second episode in the “Tinker Builders” series will examine the “tinkering constructors” who worked on the Bishops’ house in England. 

    These people had specialized in the construction and assembly of home components and had access to tools like hammocks and saws. 

    Some of them were also involved in the building of other new houses


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