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    DPR has finally made its move on the DPR II line, announcing the launch of a new line of kits on May 21st.

    These kits will be made available for both the D1 and D2 series, and will be available for purchase from April 1st.

    The DPR line has a number of notable changes, including a new front-end design that looks a lot like the original, and a new engine that uses the same technology as the D2.

    The first batch of kits is already on the way, with a few more coming on to the market over the coming weeks.

    The new DPR kit looks like a direct descendant of the Dpr II, with an updated engine and chassis, but the D3 is the first to feature a new, larger rear wing, and the D4 will have the D8 and D10 versions of the new engine.

    The DPR 2D kit will also be available, although it has yet to be officially announced.

    There’s no word on the final kit size, but there’s some great detail on the new kit below.DPR has also released the DTR, which is the same engine as the P3 kit, but with a larger wing.

    The larger wing will be able to take advantage of the same aerodynamic benefits of the larger wing of the P2, and this is the only DPR kits to include this larger wing on the production lines.

    The P3D, P3R, and P3C are all the same model, and there’s no indication whether they will be sold separately.

    The final kits will come with all of the kits above, and are expected to ship on April 1.

    They’re expected to cost a reasonable $250, and should be on sale at some point in the next month or two.


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