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    A construction worker sits on a new house in Melbourne, Australia, March 16, 2018.

    The construction company that built the house for $6.9 million on the outskirts of Melbourne had no way of knowing when it would end up paying back the loan it took out.

    But in the middle of the construction, the builder decided to build a new one with an extra $10 million.

    The company is now selling the house on for $10.9million.

    In the meantime, the house’s builder, NewHouse Construction, says it is now the biggest single loan taken out on the property by a construction company.

    Its co-founder, John Smith, said it had no idea it was going to be worth that much when it started construction.

    “I didn’t know it was the biggest mortgage on the lot at the time,” he said.

    He said his company was working on building a house with the money it took from the loan.

    NewHouse Construction has had to sell at least one house in the past year to pay back the $6 million loan it got from the Federal Government.

    Smith said the house was built for a friend and he was trying to repay his loan in his spare time.

    This house in Australia’s capital, Melbourne, has been on the market for more than a year.

    (ABC News)He had built the building for $1.2 million.

    But in the end, it was worth $7.1 million.

    Smith said he has been working with NewHouse for more a year and that he has had some issues in the mortgage payments and other issues.

    “But I’m trying to get through it,” he added.

    While he had been working on the house, Newhouse was still working on its bank loan.

    NewHouse had already made payments on the loan for the last two years.

    However, when the loan was extended for a further year, New House had to start paying back all the money the loan had already taken out.

    Smith has been talking to his bank about how to pay off the debt and how to take advantage of the new house for the next couple of years.

    He has been paying off the loans for two years and says he has already started working on a house for his son.

    “We’ve started working together and he’s starting to come to terms with it,” Smith said.

    “So I’m just happy to be here.”

    NewHouse has a history of getting involved in projects.

    Last year, the company helped construct a house in South Australia’s South Australia for $7 million.

    The building had to be completed after only a year, but it had the potential to go on the block, with New House expecting to get about $10,000 a week in profits from the construction.

    Topics:housing,business-economics-and-finance,business,housing-industry,home-and,government-and/or-politics,housing,melbourne-3000,vic source ABC Media (AU) title The $10 billion mansion in Melbourne that cost $6 billion but is worth $10m article New House Construction is the biggest company to have gone bankrupt in Australia.

    Its co‑founder, Mark Smith, was told by his lender that it would pay back $6bn of its $10bn mortgage with the new home it built on the site of the former home of the family who owned it.

    The company has also sold the property on for more.

    At one stage, the building was worth about $1 million and it had already paid off all the loans taken out from the $10billion mortgage.

    But when NewHouse was forced to stop paying back its $6billion mortgage, it had to stop building new houses on the same site, and instead buy a new property.

    NewHouse sold its Melbourne home to pay for the new one.

    (NewHouse)Its co co-chair, John Watson, said the company had been able to pay its mortgage off in about a year but the mortgage repayments needed to be paid back.

    They are now trying to sell the house at a price around $10million.

    But Smith said the money is still being paid back and he believes the company will eventually get paid back all of the money.

    A lot of the people that we have been dealing with have been working for the company for a long time and they know it’s a very risky business,” he explained.”

    But they’re going to make it through and we’re going take care of our own and then they can take care at some point of time.



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