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    Google News has a report on a mini townhome that will make it easier for Americans to buy homes.

    The $3.5 million mini townhouse is being marketed as the “next big thing” in townhome development, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    The home, which was built on a small lot in the suburbs of Boston, is set to debut at a developer’s convention next month.

    Its owner, the Boston architect John J. Glynn, said the house would be a home for the whole family.

    “You have to have a certain lifestyle, and I have a family of five,” he told the Journal.

    “If I want to live in this house, I need a family.

    It’s got the perfect size, the perfect room, and the perfect living space.

    I don’t want to go to another home, but it’s a really nice place.”

    The home was originally built as a three-bedroom home for Glynn’s parents.

    He built it to accommodate them while they worked on a new construction business.

    It was built to accommodate his younger siblings, ages 11 and 14, who are now in middle school.

    The home has a walk-in closet and a dining room, as well as a basement for storage.

    The first units are expected to be completed by 2019.

    Glynn told the Wall St Journal that he planned to offer the homes as vacation rentals in the US and Canada. 

    Gavin and Anna Fung, a couple who live in the townhome, said that they were pleased with the mini townhome.

    They told the WSJ that they plan to stay in the home when it’s completed, and they have no plans to sell it.

    According to the WSJD, Glynn will be selling the house on behalf of his company, G.F.G., which was founded by his father, Glynne Glynn.

    The company was originally started in 1993 by his mother, Margaret, a teacher.

    Read more about the mini-townhome in the Wall Streets Journal.


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