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    The average construction worker in Canada makes $7.35 an hour, or just over $11,000 a year, according to a study by the Canadian Construction Council.

    It found that most construction workers are unionized and have a guaranteed pension plan.

    However, many workers are paid more than $30,000 annually, with a median annual salary of $40,000.

    The report says that even though the typical construction worker earns a lot of money, there are still many Canadians who are left out of the middle class.

    The top five most common reasons for why construction workers don’t make as much as other workers include: • They are not unionized • They don’t have a pension plan • They have a high rate of turnover or illness • They work more than 40 hours a week, and they are paid less than $15 an hour.

    That means they work less than half of the time because they are underpaid and have to rely on public subsidies to survive.

    The Canadian Construction Alliance says there are a number of ways that the construction industry can reduce inequality, but there are some key priorities that need to be addressed.

    It says that the minimum wage should be raised to $15, and that unions should be allowed to form as bargaining units for new workers.

    A recent study by Deloitte and Touche showed that construction workers in Canada are paid average salaries of $19,000, with $11.4 million in federal assistance, and $8.7 million in private donations.

    That’s up from $11 million in 2015, and more than double the $6.6 million the industry received in 2015.

    However the union has rejected Deloisee and Touches findings, saying they have no way of measuring inequality in the construction business.

    “The Deloises study is a misleading portrayal of the true level of inequality in Canada’s construction industry,” said the union’s general secretary, Kevin O’Leary.

    “As an organization, we have consistently demonstrated that the best way to improve our communities is to increase the wages of our workers.”

    The union also wants to raise the minimum wages for construction workers to $10.25 an hour and a one-hour paid sick day to $20.

    Construction companies should be required to pay a minimum wage of $15 per hour.

    Construction workers also need to have a unionized bargaining unit to represent them, and to be able to organize their own union to represent workers.

    That should include the right to form a union to bargain collectively for better working conditions.

    Construction union leader, Joe Dallaire, said that while construction unions are necessary to improve the conditions of workers, there should be no exceptions for those who are union members.

    “I can’t imagine anybody who has been involved in construction, whether it’s a construction company or a construction union, would agree to this,” he said.

    “A union has to have the right of self-organization.

    It has to be based on the right for people to have representation.”

    He also said that the cost of union representation should be shared equally among all workers, so that it doesn’t hurt construction workers the most.

    “There’s a huge opportunity here to do better, to build a union for the benefit of all workers.

    We’ve done this for 20 years, and it has paid off,” Dallaires said.

    A new federal law could make it easier for workers to form unions, and give them the right “to bargain collectively collectively for the better working standards of the construction trades.”

    It also would allow workers to file claims for wage, hour and sick benefits that are paid by a union, rather than an employer.

    Construction unions also want to see greater representation in public-sector job boards and a federal union law that would increase the minimum hourly wage to $14 by 2021.

    The government’s job board system is broken, Dallair said.

    The number of unionized workers has fallen from 4,000 in 2009 to just 2,000 now.

    The federal government needs to address this issue and get workers back to work, he said, but said the government needs more flexibility for construction companies to create and sustain their own unions.

    Construction industry jobs have been at the heart of the Great Recession, and many construction workers have been laid off.

    However it’s also a source of pride for some workers to see their union recognized by a government agency, said construction union leader Joe Dalls.

    “It’s a big deal for a lot a people who are really passionate about the industry, and I think a lot people feel like it’s important for them to be recognized for what they do.”


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