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    The 3D-printed house, a model for a home that looks a bit like a giant, 2-story house, has been completed in China.

    The house was built using a 3D printer, using materials imported from Japan.

    The prototype houses a 2,700 square-foot room, with a 2-bedroom, 4-bathroom house in the center.

    It can be scaled up to a full 3,000 square-feet.

    The house was designed by a local architect and 3D designer, who used 3D printers to create the model.

    It is the first time a 3-D-printable structure has been created.

    The building is part of the city’s ambitious $1 billion development plan for a 2 million-square-foot urban park called Shenzhen, which will include a 1.5-million-square foot mixed-use area, a public plaza, a shopping mall, offices, residential areas, and a convention center.

    The park is expected to create 5,000 jobs.

    In addition to the Shenzhen project, China is also planning to build the world’s largest solar-powered house.

    A team from the National Solar Energy Corporation (NSEC) in Beijing is working on a solar-panel-powered 3D house.

    The team has already created a prototype of the house.NSET is working to make solar panels as efficient as possible and has been using 3D printing to build solar panels in China for more than 20 years.

    It’s a relatively new technology, but its rapid progress has opened the door to a wide range of applications.

    In addition to building the first 3D printed home, China has recently begun a pilot program to build more 3D solar-panels in the country.

    The 3D printable house could also be used to build other buildings.

    This model is similar to the one that was completed in Japan earlier this year, but it’s smaller, and more lightweight.

    The solar panels could be used in residential towers and other residential structures, and in parks.

    In the case of a 3DR house, the panels could also act as a power source.

    The 3DR system, which is also called a “tether,” is a system that can be connected to a battery.

    The solar-tether system was developed by a team of Japanese scientists and engineers, and is similar in some ways to the way 3D manufacturing has allowed manufacturers to lower the cost of solar-electric systems.

    3D technology is also helping to reduce carbon emissions in the manufacturing of solar panels.

    The design of the solar-home house could be scaled to meet a wide variety of uses.

    The project could be applied to many different projects, including residential and commercial buildings.

    The home is the latest in a string of 3D projects in China that are being built by local firms.

    Three other 3D houses were built in China last year, including one in the eastern province of Hebei, another in the southwestern province of Sichuan, and one in Qinghai, China’s largest province.

    The other three projects are part of a larger plan to make China the world center for 3D engineering and design.


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