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    Construction trailer on wheels: Building the business from scratch is something that many of us dream of but never really achieved.

    In fact, I was once one of those people who wanted to be a contractor, but the work environment was so difficult that I never even attempted it.

    This year, I decided to change that.

    I found a local contractor who could take the job and build my dream business.

    The results are a trailer that is capable of powering up to 40,000+ cars, and can be used as a business office, storage space, or a personal home.

    This week, we are going to take you through the steps I took to build my own personal car.

    Let’s get started.


    Purchase a trailer I have always wanted a trailer for a business, so when I stumbled upon a local builder, I knew I had found the right one.

    I decided on the trailer I would purchase because it was cheap and I was confident it would work.

    This is how I chose to build it: I bought a trailer on Craigslist for $400 and put it up on a small trailer park near my home in Vermont.

    The trailer has a capacity of 15,000lbs and weighs about 7,000 pounds.

    This meant it would be able to tow over 12,000 lbs of stuff.

    The first thing I did was get the frame to a frame shop in Vermont that specializes in heavy-duty trailers.

    Then, I ordered a custom front suspension from Brickshelf that would help me achieve a stable ride.

    I took it on a two-day trip to Vermont to build the frame and get the wheels on it.

    The wheels are from Bikesport, and the frame from The Brick Store.

    The tires were from Baja Freeway.

    The frame is from The Build Shop in Seattle.

    The paint was from Paintball Paintball.

    The exterior was from Bump Truck in Santa Rosa, California.

    The interior was from a small truck garage in Chicago.

    The door panels were from Dixons Garage in Austin, Texas.

    I wanted to build something that was a little more modern than a typical construction trailer.

    I chose the Black Pearl, which has a flat bed frame that allows me to tow a few more cars.

    I also picked up a custom-made custom trailer bed that I made specifically for the project.

    The bed has two custom built pieces that fit inside the trailer: a center bar and a large front door.

    I purchased the bed and all of the parts from Bumpsport and got the trailer wheels and the interior from The Construction Shop in Santa Barbara, California and then the wheels and frame from DIXONS Garage in Chicago and got it all assembled in Seattle on a custom truck.


    Find a contractor There are a few ways to find a contractor to build a business.

    First, you can call them directly, but this can be a little confusing.

    You will need to go to their website, find their name and phone number, and send them an email.

    If you are going online, you will need an email address to receive their phone number.

    They may have an online store if you are looking for a contractor.

    I opted to go online because they have a ton of materials that you can buy online.

    I bought all of my materials from the Brickshellf website, which is what I ended up purchasing.

    I had to purchase a few things that I needed to build from the website because I could not use any of the materials from my Bricksheet.

    I ended the purchase on the Bicksheet because I knew they would not have enough materials to build everything on the site.

    I contacted Brickshield and was able to secure the materials that I wanted.

    I did not want to pay the shipping charges, but I also did not have the funds to pay for them.

    If I did that, I would have spent a ton more time researching materials online, as well as paying for shipping.

    I would also have needed to buy more expensive materials from other vendors because I did want to build all of it myself.


    Choose the frame You will want to choose the frame that you will build the trailer from.

    This will be critical for success.

    When choosing a frame, you want to look at the width of the trailer, the overall length of the frame, and whether it is an 18″ or 20″ trailer.

    The 18″ frame is what most people buy for their trailer.

    For a business that is going to haul loads of equipment, I recommend the 20″ frame.

    The 20″ is great for larger trucks, and it can be built into a garage if you want it to.

    You can also use the 18″, 20″, or 24″ for larger trailers.

    I recommend picking the frame you want based on the type of equipment you will be using it for.

    I was using it to tow the trailer for my family’s business and was planning on using it


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