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    A video showing what to look for at a proposed construction project in Canada has been making the rounds on social media in recent days, with many of the posts focusing on how to be prepared to live on the streets of Vancouver after the city’s controversial “trespass” laws take effect.

    The video, called “Construction Construction,” was filmed in February of this year and shows people working on construction sites on the outskirts of Vancouver.

    It shows construction crews in a trailer pulling trailers up a hillside before heading up to the site, where they are met by construction workers standing guard.

    Many of the people who are shown working on the construction site are wearing masks to protect their identities, but others are wearing gas masks.

    One person who is seen filming a construction site in the video has been identified as “Chris,” a construction worker who is wearing a mask to protect his identity.

    “Chris” says he works for a contractor named “Big Chris” and was asked to work on the project for the firm.

    “We don’t have much experience,” Chris says in the footage.

    “I’m just a construction person.”

    Chris also claims he is part of the group that has been filmed working on a project for a real estate development company, who asked him to work with them.

    The company that owns the land that the video is filmed on claims that they are “trying to help the residents of the area by improving the quality of their homes.”

    In an email to CBC News, the real estate company told CBC News that they were not the developer behind the video, and that they do not own the property.

    The real estate developer said they were approached by Chris and that he wanted to do a documentary for their company, which they said is not their property.

    Chris said he was not in contact with the realtor about filming the project and did not have the video before filming began.

    He said he did not intend to film the project himself.

    “If I had a camera in my hand and a microphone in my ear, I would have,” Chris told CBC Vancouver.

    “But I was just trying to record the experience.”

    Chris told the CBC that he did record a few of the workers, but they did not record the realtors who approached him.

    He also told the news organization that he was paid $100 to film on the site.

    “It’s not like I’m trying to film some kind of exploitation,” Chris said.

    “When I was filming the construction, the building company came up to me and asked me, ‘What you got in your bag?’ and I told them, ‘A camera and a mic.’

    They just assumed it was a scam.”

    Chris said that the realty company has been very kind to him and that the people working in the trailer had not approached him for money.

    “There’s a lot of people that don’t deserve this,” he said.

    Chris is one of several people to have appeared in the “construction” video, which has been circulating on social news sites like Facebook and Instagram.

    In the video the narrator states that there is a trailer that is being built in Vancouver.

    In response to one person who commented on the video asking for clarification, the narrator says that he “does not know” the trailer or where it is located.

    The narrator also says that people are required to wear masks during filming, and the trailer is being pulled up a steep hillside.

    The trailer is set to open for construction work later this year.

    “Somebody should be asking him to stop filming and take it down, because it’s not nice,” one person commented on a Facebook post about the video.

    “This is really bad for the people living in the area, and I’m sorry if it’s your family that’s having to deal with this,” another said.

    Construction is expected to begin in the next few weeks, with construction crews set to begin the first phase of the project this month.

    “The people of Vancouver are very excited for this to start.

    They’re going to be able to get on their feet again,” Chris wrote on Facebook.

    “They’re not going to have to live in tents, they’re not getting any more unsafe.

    It’s going to help.”

    Chris, who is now in his 20s, told CBC that the “Construction” video was his first foray into social media, and said that he hoped it would lead to people becoming more aware of the challenges people in Vancouver face.

    “Social media is so powerful, but I wanted to make it clear that this is not a joke, this is real,” he told CBC.

    “You know, people are going to get shot, and you know what, people will be killed, and they will die, and we’re not the problem.

    We are the problem.”

    Construction is not the only construction project underway in the city, with a series of demolition permits being granted for the development


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