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    I’m an architect and a crane builder.

    I’m a professional who wants to live in the city and work in the suburbs.

    I’d like to be able to build my own home on my own terms and to live with my friends and family.

    But how can I?

    Construction loans and construction permits are the main obstacles.

    If you’re trying to build your own house, you might think about borrowing money from a bank or from a private developer.

    But these loans are only available to those who can prove they can build a house that meets the standards set by the local authorities.

    And if your house doesn’t meet those standards, you can’t get the loan. 

    So what are the construction lenders telling us?

    Construction Loan Insurance Co (CLIC) is an industry body that’s responsible for setting construction loan standards.

    They recommend that construction lenders should not lend on the basis of a building’s construction history.

    They warn that these standards are not set by builders, but rather by local authorities, and not the builder.

    They say that lenders should also take into account the builder’s knowledge of the building and how the building will affect local communities.

    In other words, CLIC recommends that builders make sure that the building is “safe, sanitary and safe for the residents and the environment”.

    But the lender isn’t always upfront about its own guidelines and, in many cases, doesn’t specify whether the construction has actually been carried out.

    So when I get a loan, it’s very difficult to know if the builder has met its own standards or not.

    This is what’s happening with my home.

    It is a home for my mother-in-law, who has lived in my home for the past five years.

    It has a courtyard, a terrace, a balcony, a large roof and a garden with a swimming pool and a swimming toilet. 

    The courtyard is a little different to my home in terms of size.

    But the courtyard is still large enough to fit a small child and I have two small children, aged five and three.

    It also has a kitchen that is large enough for two people to cook. 

    I’m not sure why I am being told to pay a loan if my home has no construction history and I’m not even sure if my mother has a licence to build? 

    The problem is that construction loans can be difficult to apply for.

    If I’m working with a builder who is not a builder, I can only get the terms of the loan by visiting a building site.

    And, in some cases, the lender will have to agree to this before it gives me the money to buy a building.

    This makes it impossible to get a construction licence without a building permit, which can be quite expensive.

    And this is where the homebuilder comes in. 

    A homebuilder will usually offer a loan with a fixed amount and a fixed payment. 

    If the builder is not an accredited builder, the loan will depend on how much they can afford to repay.

    The loan will then have to be paid off in a certain time period.

    I’ve paid off my loan in five years, and it’s still not enough.

    So how can you know if your home is actually built?

    The problem is often that the builder says they are.

    If they can’t show that the house has been built, it will be too late to apply. 

    And even if they can show that their building has been carried on properly, they can still have problems.

    For example, if you live in a house with a roof leak, the builder will need to have a crane to fix it, which might not be an ideal solution.

    And even if the house was constructed correctly, you may be able’t get a building licence without building permits. 

    But how do you know whether your house has actually got construction? 

    If you don’t build, you are not likely to get the loans, because building permits are not available for private developers.

    So the lender may need to apply to the local authority to have the building built.

    And it is possible to build without a construction permit, so you can still get a project licence. 

    To find out more about the building industry, visit the BBC’s Home Business section.


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