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    Construction machinery is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. economy.

    But a new startup called 3D Printing Machine LLC, founded by former Google employee Mark Gersh, is building a much more efficient, flexible and powerful method of making structures out of thin air.

    The company, which has raised $3.5 million from investors including Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, has developed a machine that can make parts of a building in a matter of minutes.

    Its latest iteration, the 3D Printed House, can build out a 2-story home in just hours.

    Gersh said the company plans to add 3D printing capabilities to existing building technologies, including those that rely on machining, like steel and concrete.

    The new company’s machine is smaller and lighter than traditional building printers, and can produce parts for smaller structures at a fraction of the cost.3D Printing Machines’ machines can make up to 100,000 parts per minute.

    That’s far faster than traditional milling processes that require milling metal into smaller pieces.

    The machine is so efficient that the company hopes to make building materials available to homeowners for less than $100 each.

    It’s not the first time the company has used a 3-D printing machine to create a house from scratch.

    In 2015, it made a 2,500-square-foot house out of wood that cost $30,000, according to The Wall Street Journal.

    The new machine is much smaller and light than traditional machine.

    Gershar said he wants to build it so that homeowners can make their own structures out from materials like concrete and wood.

    “You can build a building with the help of this machine,” Gershin said.

    “There’s a whole other level of customization that can be built by building something out of this thing.”

    Gershaft said the process involves the use of a 3d printer, a computer controlled laser cutter and a digital camera.

    3D Printer’s laser cuts the material, which is then extruded into a 3 dimensional model of the house.

    The machine can then create parts of the building out of that model, and even build out the structure itself.

    The process takes about a minute to produce each part.

    “The 3D printed house is a real-world example of what the future of manufacturing could look like,” said Gershafter.

    “It is incredibly efficient, but it also uses a lot of space, which makes it a bit more cumbersome,” Groshafter added.

    Geeshaft has been using the company’s machines to build out his own house in the past, as well as creating prototypes.

    The 3-d printer can print out parts that are much smaller than the dimensions of a traditional 3-dimensional model.

    It can also print parts that can easily be assembled, and it can be easily modified to make it more customized.

    The printer is so powerful that Gershan said the machine can print a house that is twice the size of a standard house.

    Gieshafter said the machines can be customized to fit any size home.

    The house can be constructed by simply assembling it.

    Geshafter and Gershon say they hope the new 3-part machine will allow the company to create 3D models of houses from materials that traditional millers could not.

    “With the 3d printing machine, it’s so easy to build a house with this thing,” Gieshe said.


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