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    A bond sale is an opportunity for bondholders to sell their bonds for the first time, but they have to be paid back.

    To do that, a bond will have to go into a special fund known as the bond sale fund. 

    The $2.5 trillion bond-sale fund is set to close in 2019 and is intended to help build a new highway between San Francisco and San Jose.

    In order to make sure the funds fund construction and upkeep of a bridge, the bond-sales fund is supposed to be solvent.

    But bondholders have been unable to pay their loans and, thus, the fund is insolvent.

    And in a bid to make up the shortfall, bondholders are pushing to privatize the bonds.

    Bond holders can use the proceeds from the sale of their bonds to fund infrastructure projects.

    For example, a new road could be built, a highway could be extended, or a new airport could be opened.

    But the proceeds would not go to the bond holders.

    Instead, the proceeds will go to bondholders, which means that bondholders will pay interest to the fund, which will be held in a separate account.

    The proceeds will be used to pay bondholders.

    But there’s one problem: bondholders can’t use the funds for anything else, including building roads, roads, and highways.

    The problem, according to Peter Farrar, who heads the transportation fund at the U.S. Treasury, is that bond holders can’t invest in anything other than the construction and maintenance of a road.

    “The way that they do that is by holding the bonds, and the bonds are a way of securing the loans that are made in those bonds,” Farror said.

    So the funds’ proceeds will eventually be diverted to bond holders, which could result in more borrowing, further delaying the highway project, and even making the highway an even bigger financial burden.

    But the bond sales fund is one of the largest sources of funds for transportation projects in the United States, and it is now poised to close, and bondholders may not have a way to spend the funds.

    The new fund is the largest of its kind in the world, and its failure to fund construction of roads and highways could be catastrophic for the country’s infrastructure.

    According to Farrer, the problem is that, even if bondholders were able to pay back their loans, they could never spend the proceeds on infrastructure.

    Instead, the funds would be used by bondholders for interest payments on their loans.

    That means bondholders would be able to borrow money from the fund but not spend it, and they could have no way of using the money to finance their own infrastructure projects, Farrrar said.

    The lack of financing could have dire consequences for the U,S., and the world.

    If the new bond-sellers are unable to get the funds to pay off their loans within the fund’s lifecycle, the Treasury would have to raise the money from a public offering, which would require a substantial amount of public support.

    This would lead to a recession, and this would also lead to further delay of infrastructure projects in many states.

    The failure of the bond sell fund could also impact other transportation projects, including bridges and roads. 

    “If we don’t get financing from the public or the private sector, that’s going to have a devastating effect on infrastructure investment,” FARRAR said.


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