Tuesday, 28 March 2017

How to Join Clash Royale Tournaments In 2 Minutes

Facing Trouble in joining Clash Royale Tournament? Looking for a comprehensive guide on Clash Royale Tournaments?

Then here I am writing a working trick for you which will be helping you to Join Clash Royale Tournament. However, there are thousands of tricks and methods which have been shared on the internet about Clash Royale tournaments but hardly any method work. So keeping this in mind, I am sharing a guide to join Clash Royale Tournaments 100% working method. Do checkout Download Clash Royale APK article here to get this amazing app for your smartphone or PC.

You can use this method to Join Clash Royale in 2 minutes. Yes, it is that quick method!
So to explore and know about Clash Royale Tournaments to join, I am sharing a complete guide on it so head towards it!
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Join Clash Royale Tournaments in 2 Minutes 

So here I am sharing a complete guide on joining Clash Royale tournament in just 2 minutes. Now without testing your patience lets head towards the guide; Normally, you won't come to know about any open tournaments in Clash Royale so to in order to find those tournaments and then join them you may apply any of the below technique!

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  • Firstly, never use two words for searching tournaments like The + Unique word; you should only use word "The" and all will be tournaments
  • Now you need to decide what to search for. You may search a complete word (cat, rocket etc) or 2 letters (ae, in, etc)
  • You can also search Tournaments using some random numbers like 444, 333, 111, etc.
  • I would tip you here that if you are very much crazy about Tournaments then download Hindi/Arabic/Greek keyboard and use any words from that keyword to search tournaments as not many people use that keyboard.
  • Lastly, you may also use symbols to search for tournaments like; “@”, “$” etc.
Update: Yellow color means the tournament has not started yet. Green means the match has already started. You can still join the tourney if there are still slots available but expect that your opponents are already ahead of you as it is already is started.

Quick Review on Clash Royale 

Clash Royale is famous game specially designed for strategy game lovers. If you love playing battle games then this is for you.

User is supposed to fight battles to keep moving in this game. You need to win different cards, trophies and gifts to keep moving with this game. There are special type of cards which you can win in order to defeat your opponent and keep moving with this game. 


    I am sure you guys must have found your tournament and started playing clash Royale with mates. If you are facing trouble or issues while applying our guide then feel free to lend your queries in comment box. I shall try my best to help you in resolving your queries.
    Have you any other method to join Tournament?
    Then feel free to lend them in comment box. It would definitely help the Clash Royale community to get served.
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