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Clash Royale Decks Building Guide - [Best] Arena 4 to 11

Clash Royale Decks: The Clash Royale Deck Building is the guide which today I am sharing on GetClashRoyaleAPK site for you guys along with Best Clash Royale Decks out there.
If you are looking to get success in Clash Royale then building a best yet balanced deck is the only option available. And in this post I will sharing a comprehensive Clash royale deck builder guide for Clash Royale lovers. If you want to download Aptoide APK then get it from here.
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Along with that, I will be sharing best Clash Royale Best Decks including Decks Arena 4/5/6/7/8/9 and above. I have tried to compile this guide completely on Clash Royale decks so that Clash Royale users can be served in better way.  In order to show you these guides and decks I am going to perform live Clash Royale battles and show you how it is done! You can Download Shareit APK which I have shared with you to help you out.

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For a reminder and compiling my thoughts, today you are going to learn each and everything about Clash Royale deck building and some of the Top Clash Royale decks in this article. If you wanted to enjoy this game then Download Clash Royale APK from here as I have added the latest version of game.

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    Clash Royale Decks Building Guide and Decks Best Arena 9/8/7/6/5/4

    Here I am talking about all the ingredients required for proper deck building guide for Clash Royale. So start reading one by one!

    Synergy is really Important

    It is one of the most important factor in building a deck in clash Royale. If you are only using Epic cards solely then I am sorry to say that they can't be good deck in Clash Royale. You need Synergy in building decks rather than Synergy.

    Proper Balance Between Defense and Offense

    It is obvious that you need to commit offense to destroy the opponents towers and clans to keep moving in Clash Royale. However, if you fail to defend your towers in quest of destroying others then winning won't be possible for you. You need a proper balance between defense and Offense.

    Balance of Splash Damage and Point Damage Cards

    Being a player in Clash Royale, you all must be aware of the fact that there are two damage-inflicting cards in Clash Royale.

    1- Point Damage Cards: These cards deal damage to only one enemy (Barbarian, Musketeer, etc). As these cards can only target one unit at a time which is why these are called point damage cards. They don't work taking high HP troops down like tankers.

    2- Splash Damage Cards: These cards deal with damage to multiple units (Baby Dragon, Witch, etc.). As they can cause damage to multiple targets at a time so comparative they are stronger. These cards are lowest damage-inflicting units in Clash Royale. They are very important in dealing with hordes of low HP units.

    Balance Between Range and Melee Troops

    Along with above balances, you also need a proper balance between ranged and Melee troops in the game. Melee troops have high damage per second but low HP which is why it is very important to combine them with Ranged Troops.

    As we will be using Melee troops for meat-shield for causing high damage ranged troops. It means having too many Melee troops would not be a wise idea as it will make them very very susceptible to cause damages.

    Average Elixir Cost

    Average Elixir Cost is another ingredient required for balanced decks of Clash Royale. The better the card is the more will be its Elixir Cost. So these should be the ingredients for proper and balanced Clash Royale deck.
    Its good to have Average Elixir Cost ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 
    As if Elixir Cost goes higher than this then you will face issue of deploying your cards. And if your Average Elixir Cost is less than the mentioned range i.e; 3.5 then you may deploy many cards quickly but those will be of low HP troops which can be easily wiped out by splash-damaging threats.

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    Clash Royale Deck Building Guide - Some Tips

    Since I have mentioned some of the ingredients for proper deck building of Clash Royale. Even though I need to add up some tips for better optimization of above guide;

    At least 2 Point Damage Cards - Necessary

    It is obvious that group of low HP can easily destroy group of high HP which can be eradicated by splash damaging cards. Although we have read above that we need a balance of Splash Damage and Point Damage card so we will need 2 point damage cards as a backup support for splash.
    Some Point Damage Cards

    • Prince (melee)
    • Musketeer (range)
    • Spear Goblins (range)
    • Knight (melee)
    • P.E.K.K.A or Mini P.E.K.K.A (melee)
    • Minions/Minion Horde (flying range)
    • Barbarians (melee)
    • X-bow
    • Cannon
    • Tesla
    • Archers (range)
    • Inferno Tower

    At least 3 splash damage Cards

    These are very much important to deal with large hordes of troops. Some of the best and famous Splash Damage cards as given below:
    • Bomb Tower
    • Bomber
    • Giant Skeleton
    • Fireball
    • Valkyrie
    • Zap
    • Wizard
    • Mortar
    • Lightning
    • Rocket
    • Baby Dragon
    • Princess
    • Ice Wizard
    • Arrows
    • Witch

    At least 2 High HP Cards

    High HP cards are normally a troop or defense with around 1000 HP. They are very important in order to protect troops and for backup.
    • Spear Goblins
    • Witch
    • X-Bow
    • Tesla
    • Inferno Tower
    • Baby Dragon
    • Wizard
    • Musketeer
    • Archers
    • Minions / Minion Horde

    At least 1 Spell Card 

    It is true that Splash Damaging cards are used for causing severe damage but their capacity is limited. So in order to use it fully it is suggested to use Splash Damaging Spell card like; Lightning, Arrows, Rocket, or Fireball.

    At least 2 Air-Targeting Cards

    You will be required to have this only if you are at high level Arena. Since in high level Arenas you may come across some aerials attacks so to prevent and defense them you will be required to have at least 2 air-targeting cards.

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    At least 1 Defensive Structure Card

    You will be required to have at least 1 defensive structure card to protect your building as you only need to destroy one Crown Tower of opponent to win the battle.

    Clash Royale Decks Best Arena 9/8/7/6/5/4

    So here in this section of my article I am listing some of the best Clash Royale Decks which you must know.

    Best Arena 4 Deck

    Best Clash Royale Decks, Best Arena 4 Deck, Arena 4 Deck At Arena 4 Deck player begin to unlock Hog Rider. I would suggest you to bring Hog Rider at level 4 before using it. If you are looking to pass Arena 4 deck then you need to use powerful giant deck. You can apply different smart move to perform this like;

    If you want to use any Giant with Musketeer, Mini P.E.K.K.A, and any splash attacker card like Witch, Baby Dragon, Valkyrie, or Bomber in order to control hut spammers and swarms. After that you need to add both Fireball and Arrows so you won't need to bother about Minions or Swarms. Moreover, at Arena 4 you will see Inferno Towers frequently so Minions will help you to take down Inferno Towers.

    Best Arena 5 Deck 

    Best Clash Royale Decks, Best Arena 5 Deck, Arena 5 Deck Arena 5 Deck will give you a chance to unlock some of the best common card of the game which is Zap Spell. You are strongly recommended to upgrade it.

     You can also unlock Fire Spirits at Arena 5 deck which provides value to your 2 Elixir Cards. These both amazing cards work amazing with Hog Rider. This deck has amazing defense and offense for Arena 5 deck. These are some best thing about this deck which you should not miss.

    Best Arena 6 Deck 

    Best Clash Royale Decks, Best Arena 6 Deck, Arena 6 Deck
    Arena 6 Deck will give you a chance to unlock one of the best card of the game, Elixir Collector. You can use one of the deadliest deck in the game, Hog Trifecta. It is the reason that I am saying that this deck provides you best card of the game.

    Best Arena 7 Deck

    Best Clash Royale Decks, Best Arena 7 Deck, Arena 7 Deck Arena 7 Deck will give you a chance to unlock Royale Giant. It is one of the easiest card to apply and most powerful common card which can be easily leveled up to boost performance. I would recommend you to use Royale Giant at Arena 7 only when you reach at its level 8. Till the time reaching level 8, you may use Giant Poison beatdown deck as alternative.

    Best Arena 8 Deck 

    Best Clash Royale Decks, Best Arena 8 Deck, Arena 8 DeckArena 8 Deck Will give you a chance to unlock Ice Spirit. It is one of the amazing card yet missed out by many players out there. Ice Spirit only costs 1 Elixir which makes it easily upgradable so upgrade it as soon as possible. This is definitely a powerful deck available out there. 

    Best Arena 9 Deck 

    Best Clash Royale Decks, Best Arena 9 Deck, Arena 9 Deck
    Arena 9 Deck is powerful deck having around 3000+ Trophies though you won't be able to unlock any card at this deck. But don't worry, as you will be rewarded with these: 20 Victory Gold, x38 Cards (Golden Chests), x76 Cards (Crown Chests), x114 Cards (Magical Chests), x304 (Giant Chests), x684 (Super Magical Chests). Isn't it exciting?

    Best Arena 10, 11 Decks

    For Arena 10 or 11 Decks you can use siege deck with either the Mortar or X-Bow. The seige playstyle is the safest playstyle of the game. It is about provoking your opponent and letting him to make an aggressive push then directly defend and target his Arena tower with Mortar or X-Bow.

    It is amazing strategy as you are focusing on defensing and making your opponent aggressive. Moreover, you are directly causing harm to your opponent's Arena tower by just doing defense. 

    You can also use Golem Beatdown with Lightning deck on Arena 10 and 11. The drawback or weakness of this deck is Inferno Tower. However, it becomes amazingly strong when you have Zap to stun and reset, Minions to distract, and Lightning to deal damage.

    You have to ensure that you have placed Elixir Collector before making any push with Golem. 


    So my Clash Royale lovers this was my complete Clash Royale Deck building guide and some of the best Clash Royale decks. I am sure you guys must have come to know and explore a lot about CR Deck builder guide and its deck.

    However, if you are facing any trouble while building decks on Clash Royale or selecting and knowing about best clash royale deck then don't hesitate approaching us. You may leave your queries in comment box. Any of our team member or mate player will get back to your queries as soon as possible.

    Interesting? If it was then do share it with others who might be looking for such amazing guide to be utilized. For more Clash Royale tips, guides and decks keep visiting GetClashRoyaleAPK.


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