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Clash Royale Coins Hack - How to Make more Gold Faster

Clash Royale Coins Hack: Are you looking forward to make more Gold faster? Are you bored of waiting and moving slowly for getting more gold?

Today I will be sharing a trick which will minimize your boredom and will allow you to remove your boredom. Since you are going to learn about Clash Royale coins hack which will ultimately help you to make more Gold faster.

I know it is really boring and annoying that when you game stuck only because of not having enough coins or gold. Some of the gamers get even irritated with the game and stop playing, and we don't want Clash Royale lovers to stop playing this awesome game.

So for helping you guys out, I am sharing a tutorial to make more Gold coins even faster than ever before.

Clash Royale Coins Hack - How to Make More Gold Faster

So here I start some of the tricks which you need to follow to earn more Gold on Clash Royale. There are two following ways which you can use to Make more gold and faster;
  • Opening Chests
  • Donating your Cards 

Opening Chests 

This is the first way which you can follow to earn some gold without putting much efforts into it. So here you go;

Clash Royale Coins hack, Open chest
Clash Royale Coins Hack

The most easiest way of earning coins or gold is opening chest. Simply open Wooden Chest, Silver Chest, Golden Chest and Crown Chest. Keep opening and keep collecting easy gold for yourself. You can simply play short battles daily and earn those chest and open those chest to grab some gold.

Donating Cards  

This is another method which let you donate your existing cards and get some gold in return. It is same as selling your cards but in return you get Clash Royale gold to play more.
Clash Royale Coins hacks, Donate card
Clash Royale Coins Hack

Second method is about Donating your cards. You might be thinking that why you should donate your hard earned cards to others, but it makes sense when you get gold in return.

When you donate common cards then you get XP and 5 Gold for every common card. And if you donate rear card then you get 50 Gold for every rear card. You can donate your all 60 cards to others and can easily get 300 Gold daily. Donating also helps you to get 1-2 epic cards every week from store.
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About this Trick

The Trick which I have shared is fully legit and you won't face any issues while applying this. I have gathered this information from different sources and I am sure you are going to love this information which I have shared.


So this was our article which has share Clash Royale coins hack. I am sure you guys have found it helpful and worth reading. If you have any queries or confusion left related to this article then lend your queries in comment box.

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