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Clash Royale APK [v1.8.1] for Android Free Download

Clash Royale APK for Android: Clash Royale is one of the famous strategy games which is developed by Supercell who are also the developers of Clash of Clans. This game is loved by many so far who have became the fan of Clash of Clans and strategy games.
It is been very much famous among strategy game lovers as it let you use your strategy intelligence to win the battle and ultimately the game.The characters in clash royale are similar as Clash of Clans. Moreover the plot of game is bit different than Clash of Clans.
In this article I am going to share an article running Clash Royale APK for Android; this Clash Royale APK file can be used for Android in order to run this app on your Android smartphone.

    Clash Royale for Android - Download Clash Royale APK

    Clash Royale has gone viral among gamers and almost everyone want to get this awesome app for their devices. So this article will helping you to Download Clash Royale Android users this Clash Royale APK for Android is of latest version which is Clash Royale 1.3.2. The link to download can be found from below;

    File Name: clash-royale-1.7.0-apk
    File Size: 91.2 MB
    Version: 1.3.2

    Download Clash Royale APK 

    Alternative Method 

    Below I am listing an alternative method which you can use to get Clash Royale game on your android smartphone in case above method seems not working for you.
    • First of all, Open Google Playstore on your android smartphone
    • Now tap on search bar and type Clash Royale
    • Then tap on Clash Royale icon
    • You will be redirected to its download page, tap on Install button
    • Agree to terms and Conditions when asked
    • It will start downloading app on your android smartphone
    • Ones done you will have Clash royale icon on the home-screen. Tap on it and start playing Clash Royale on your smartphone.

    Something About Clash Royale 

    Before sharing Clash Royale with you guys, let me put some light on Clash Royale and its uniqueness than any other game present in the market.

    The Clash Royale is best strategy game which let you use your strategic intuitive techniques to win over your competitors. The game is freemium  and do not require you to pay high bucks to enjoy it; however, using their Gems cost you some bucks which are totally reasonable. It also let you build your own battle team in order to defeat your competitors. The battle team may consist of your friends, and family.

    The game consist of many exciting surprises which contains collecting powerful new cards and using those cards to upgrade the existing chests. The awesome thing about this game is that it is multiplayer which means it let you challenge your classmates, family and friends. Moreover, if you are not good at battle techniques then you can easily learn by watching some of the best duels on Royale TV which is developed to help the newbies in game.

    I must say that the game is complete package and gives you everything you are looking for and gives great pleasure to its players.


    Now let me list all the main features of Clash Royale which will be giving you a clear idea about this game and what you are going to get from this;
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    • Best Strategy game ever made
    • Real Time battles with your friends, mates and other opponents from across the globe
    • Multiplayer functionality which let you create your own battle team which can be your family, friends or mates
    • You need to earn chests by playing and then use those chest for unlocking rewards
    • Destroy opponents tower and win epic Crown chests
    • If you are not good at battle, watch Royale TV for watching best Duels ever to learn techniques
    • Collect powerful cards and upgrade chests
    • 100% Entertaining game ever made!
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